I am an avid reader of mostly non-fiction books.  My interests include many topics, such as libraries technology and economics.   I enjoy experimenting with old and new tech gadgets to learn how they work.  In my spare time I like to write poems take photos and volunteer at various community organizations. 

 I have created web sites for small businesses and taught computer skills to seniors.

I work full time in the telecommunications industry. I have worked in this industry in some form or another for over 5 years.

I am grateful that I have a union job and am a member of the Communications Workers of America

 I also run a small business doing misc tech services. 

I owner occupy a duplex I rent one unit out and live in the other.

I am not a big fan or user of social media.
I feel that communications is either public and something that you are willing to share with the whole world or is something that is private, such as a letter or email. 
I feel that the quasi public to whom we share with our "Friends or Followers" on corporate owned and controlled social media is not the right way to communicate. I think it brings out the worst in people. 

News spreads quicker but is it better now or do we just view the world through a distorted lens. The lens creates more resentment and depression in people fuels more delusional thinking and a keeping up with the Jones consumerist mindset. 

Up until 20 years ago or so if you wanted to reach some one you had to have know their 10 digit number and dial it on a phone  Ex 319-555-1234. Now that number is saved in a cellphone I don't have a problem with phone calls or text messages. But a lot of the new apps are just time wasters on proprietary networks.
The other option was to send a letter or something in the mail.

What is the long term impact of this new technology both positive and negative on how people interact? 

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Co-Founder of Eastern Iowa Little Free Libraries Association LFL & Iowa Parkour

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