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TMF Review

As reviewed by Bill Ryerson of   1/1/10

Breakthrough Author Shows That He’s Nobody’s Fool.

       As the new decade begins, a first-time author has released a flood of insights into the angst of teenage (and adult) life in the early 21st. Century. “The Money Fool” by C.J. Flynn of eastern Iowa is a wide ranging collection of youthful wisdom, incisive commentary and cathartic rants. His stream of consciousness is white water wild, but a savvy reader can just hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

        Serious advice is offered on subjects ranging from real estate investments to cell phones and Facebook.  Relevant quotes from such luminaries as Ben Franklin and George Bush are peppered throughout the manuscript  Life strategies are wryly offered, such as “How to blame others…(Successfully) When it was you who failed” and “Give UP”
(volunteer). Hypocrocies in business, politics and the education establishment are surgically dissected and lampooned.  Notably, family life is exempted from his criticisms, perhaps indicating that a positive home environment nurtured this author’s precocious creativity.

       While there is plenty of room to disagree with the conclusions being offered, the viewpoint is refreshing and relevant.  Given Mr Flynn’s media savvy, can webcasts or a reality show be far behind?

       “The Money Fool” is in limited production, perhaps calculated to enhance its cult status. Contact the author’s web site for more details.