Post Secondary Education In Linn

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Post Secondary Education history in Linn from both the 4 & 2 year degree programs along with the non degree education look at the changes in the landscape.

Not for profit 

So in Linn County their are 3 private not for profit colleges along with one public not for profit public community college 

arranged by year established 

Coe College Cedar Rapids Private 4 year college with 1,378 students established in 1851 its history parallels cedar rapids as they were both founded with in a few years of each other. 

Cornell College Mount Vernon Private college with 1,197 students established in 1853 they offer something like one class per month at a time. they only have about 20% of students from Iowa most are out of state.  

Mount Mercy University is in Cedar Rapids its the only Private Catholic  4 college in the metro. with over 1,824 students. it was established 1928 as a 2 year training college for women with a focus on nursing and teaching they still offer that but branched out into a lot of other majors. 

What I think Mercy should offer is some sort of partnership with the mercy hospitals and Catholic school system where they get nurses and teachers who will work at there places and they get loan 
forgiveness and other options.

 I like their 2 plus 2 program basicly it means that you spend 2 years at community college paying those discounted prices and then transfer to Mercy I thought about doing that but it just didn't work out. Im not sure how much longer many students would be willing to spend the extra 2 years to live at Mercy and pay the full price. I think that it would be better for the long term viability for them to focus on the last 2 years plus offer a few masters program like they do now. but I think where they have really grown is with sports and the scholarships that go along with them.

Iowa Registered Apprenticeship in 1937 the US passed the National Apprenticeship Act
and that helped formalize many of the programs that are around for this

their are over  1,000 apprentice occupations in Iowa

Competency-based programs  where they measure whether someone knows it

so plumbers and Electricians

Kirkwood Community College Cedar Rapids Public Associate's college number of students 17,625 year established 1966 Krikwood has it all from continuing Ed to GED Associates you can get it there and at an affoable price. I was able to get my associates degree here and graduate debt free! most of the VocTech training in the area is done at Kirkwood 

In 2017, a full-time Iowa resident will pay between $4,410 and $5,670 for 30 credit

Graduate Schools 

MBA's & other Graduate education options in CR 

Tippie College of Business Cedar Rapids Center 

The only University of Iowa branch In CR for education the market demand for high achieving professionals in the area to fast track their advance or at least give the perception or option too makes this a good market to be in. 

Located in the Ely building which was built and named for one of the 6 founding families of Cedar Rapids.

the address  
221 2nd Avenue SE, Suite 300, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
MBA program branch in CR 

MBA with no.... 
No entrance exams GRE, GMAT both mercy and U of I will waive it. so is it about the education or the revenue that this type of education generates but i guess you could say that real world experience exempts one from needing to take it but is the market over saturated with MBA

There are sixty colleges and universities in the U.S. 
state of Iowa that are listed under the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.

The State of Iowa has 35 private non-profit colleges and universities.


So most of the for-profit colleges have either combined went out of business or service a very special niche. Now most of the for profit colleges just offer schooling online becosue then you don't have the over head of building taxes and other cost but I bet a ton would drop out or just fail out of the online schools.

Kaplan University
Campus Cedar Rapids
Private for-profit
Baccalaureate/associate's college
student count 687
in 1980 they opened up  year 1980 came to CR market as Hamilton College I have more info about them in my defunct colleges. I think this is the last kind of full service for profit school in the CR area. 

Cosmetology & stuff
Capri is an Iowa based Cosmetology school that has been around since 1966 they came to CR in 1977 – Capri Cosmetology College was established in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This location was formerly Paris Beauty Academy.

Two Weeks to Try Us Our Before Committing!
I like that Capri offer this because if they are willing to do that then their students must be already really sold on the school and I am not a aware of any other school that offers something like this outside of auditing a class.  

Carlson College of Massage Therapy 1st to offer massage Therapy in Iowa

Tech/IT/Telecom training 

Tech changes so quick, sometimes that education can be covered in a continuing education class at Krikwood

New Horizons Cedar Rapids is a IT education training. 

IT certification they offer a class on CompTIA Network+ exam something Krikwood dosen't offer but they charge $2,500 for it

CompTIA is Nonprofit...
I found that FREE videos on Network+ were great along with just buying some books and other study materials

Big deal in the Telecom industry is Jones NCTI 

fast tracked for the CDL
the most common job in Iowa and most of America is truck driver. from FedEx delivery trucks to over the road long hall...  

CRST has their own school that they operate and pay for all the education that you need. programs like this tho have their caveats their are minim times that you have to be employed with them or you have to pay it back at some interest rate and for how long???

Get your commercial drivers license in just four short weeks


 Free school for a contract stating you'll stay employed with them for a minimum of 10 months. You can  prepay amount of $2,500 and then leave but in a lot of ways the Free route would be better because you don't have to pay it back if you make it the 10 months and your good to go. 

Krikwood has its own program
most of the smaller trucking schools have a partnership with krikwood the program cost around $4k 

Defunct Colleges  

Here is a cool list here for the whole state

ITT Technical Institute (often shortened to ITT Tech) was a for-profit technical institute with approximately 130 campuses in 38 states of the United States. they had a campus in CR they all shut down in 2016 

Hamilton college

Kaplan University, Cedar Rapids campus, has its roots in Mason City, Iowa, 
where the main campus of Hamilton College has operated as a business career college since 1900.
 In 1980, the college opened a branch campus in Cedar Rapids, to allow more students to
 be part of the Hamilton educational experience. In 2007, all seven Hamilton College campuses became part of Kaplan University. Each campus maintains close ties within its 
community and surrounding communities, resulting in graduates employed throughout the Midwest. 

3165 Edgewood Parkway, SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Tel: 319.363.0481
Tel: 800.987.7734 (Toll Free)
Hamilton College
1924 D Street SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
2300 Euclid Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50310
100 First Street NW, Mason City, IA 50401

MAson city history of hamilton college

Western College In the city of Western Iowa

Leander Clark College, originally named Western College, 
was a college in Iowa,
 United States. It operated from 1857 to 1919,
 when it was absorbed into Coe College.
 Western College, founded by the United Brethern in Christ in 1857,
 was originally located a mile north of Shueyville,
 in Section 34, Putnam twp., Linn county. In 1881, 
 due to financial problems, the college moved to Toledo, Tama co. 

Cedar Rapids Business College

The college remained open until 1973.

ITC Midwest LLC, which operates the former Alliant Energy transmission system in
 Iowa, plans to relocate its downtown headquarters to the Palmer Building.
 The Palmer Building is owned by Steve Emerson of Aspect Architecture.

1903-built Palmer Building 

The Palmer Building was named for Austin N. Palmer and housed the Palmer School of Penmanship and Bookkeeping, which taught a method of handwriting that was taught at schools until the 1960s. The building also housed the Cedar Rapids Business College, which closed in 1975.

Timothy Roberts solan owner did a great job restroting it and in some ways is a serial entrepreneur 

The Ausadie Building is named after a combination of the first names of original owners Austin and Sadie Palmer.
 Austin Palmer became well-known for his Palmer Method of Handwriting.

845 1ST AVE SE
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA Ausadie Apartments

A Look Inside the Historic Ausadie Building -- Bob Around Town

the plamer education building

in 1880, the same year the Cedar Rapids Business College opened its doors. Among the school's first faculty members was Austin Palmer, the inventor of the Palmer Method of Penmanship.

Southwestern Community College began operation as a part of Iowa's community college system on July 1, 1966.
 In assuming its role as a new institution, Southwestern inherited the facilities and instructional programs of
 Creston Community College which had been operated by the Creston Community School District since 1926.

Buena Vista University Creston began offering classes in September 1986. Classes are held on the Southwestern Community College campus. Selected endorsement courses are available in a weekend format. 

I wonder if Palmer school that was located here had any ties 

Buena Vista University's Graduate & Professional Studies programs

Bowling In Eastern Iowa

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 Eastern Iowa bowling Centers

Cedar Rapids Bowling Hub of Eastern Iowa

Cedar Rapids Bowling Center 

I went to the Post Prom Party when I was in high school they had it here and I also played kid leagues growing up until high school I played weekly K-8
The only Bowling alley on the East side of Cedar Rapids has 32 lanes 

 Address: 265 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402


Westdale Bowling Center & Lazer Tag
They closed at the end of 2019 When I was in k-12 school this was a cool place to go you could get a summer bowling pass and bowl for basically nothing once you paid the $50 or less for the past I really enjoyed this place growing up. The place was cool back in the day but the last few years that I went there it just was really run down and a lot of things were broken.

Address: 2020 Scotty Dr, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404


44 lanes 

Lancer Lanes 
Address: 3203 6th St SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404



May City Bowl 

Address: 1648 Trent St SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404





1115 West 1st Street
Vinton, IA 52349

keystone turner hall

 93 2nd St, Keystone, IA 52225
Phone: (319) 442-3212

A turner is a nonprofit hall that came over from Germany around 50 of them are left in the USA

Open Bowling -
Keystone Turner Hall offers open bowling with advance reservation 

Groups under 12 individuals requires a $35.00 deposit the day of. Every game bowled for $3.00 goes towards the deposit.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Is a 4 lane alley 

Cultural assimilation and the two World Wars with Germany took a gradual toll on membership, with some halls closing and others becoming regular dance halls, bars or bowling alleys.[5] Fifty-four Turner societies still existed around the U.S. as of 2011. The current headquarters of the American Turners is in Louisville, Kentucky.[7]

Lucky 6 Lanes
2192 US-6, Marengo, IA 52301
Phone: (319) 642-7722

Address: 901 N Birch St, Monticello, IA 52310
Phone: (319) 465-5077

Legacy Lanes, in Monticello, IA,  
offering a 10 lane bowling alley, 

Colonial Lanes
Address: 2253 Old Highway 218 S, Iowa City, IA 52246
Phone:(319) 338-1573

Credit Unions In Linn

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this page covers how the credit union in the area stated what year what their field of membership requirements was and how large they are now. With almost all of these if you live in Linn county you can be a member of them now. 

manufacturing factory and other  credit unions 

John Deere  started credit unions...
Veridian Credit Union of Waterloo, IA assets of $2.5 billion. The credit union, opened in 1934, has 584 full time employees and 24 part time employees , or 303 members per employee, compared to a national average of 430. founded by John Deere employees
 a member base of over 190,000. As of December 2014, Veridian is the largest credit union in the state of Iowa and the 59th largest credit union in the United States.

Kind of like a spin off of John Deere...
DuTrac Community Credit Union was chartered in 1946 to provide financial services to the employees of John Deere Dubuque Tractor Works. DuTrac of Dubuque, IA has 41,368 members and assets of $594 million. The credit union, opened in 1946, has 135 full time employees and 11 part time employees , or 295 members per employee, compared to a national average of 430.

Community 1st Credit Union of Ottumwa, IA has 50,031 members and assets of $500 million. The credit union, opened in 1936, has 178 full time employees and 20 part time employees , or 266 members per employee, compared to a national average of 430.
they started in the 1930's as a factory credit union  in Southeast Iowa they have a branch in CR   in 2003 they merged with Amana Employees Credit Union. along with 2 other smaller credit unions in Cedar Rapids.  

Quaker Oats Credit Union of Cedar Rapids, IA has 1,878 members and assets of $8 million. The credit union, opened in 1952, 
has 3 full time employees and 1 part time employee , or 626 members per employee, compared to a national average of 430.

General Mills Federal Credit Union has 1 location in Illinois, 1 in Iowa, 3 in Minnesota and 1 in Missouri. The credit union serves members from offices in Belvidere, Cedar Rapids, Golden Valley, Hannibal and Minnetonka. General Mills main office of the  Credit Union is in Minnetonka, MN has 27,981 members and assets of $306 million. The credit union, opened in 1935, has 59 full time employees and no part time employees , or 474 members per employee, compared to a national average of 430. they have an office at their Cedar Rapids Based plant. 

Dupaco Community Credit Union of Dubuque, IA has 72,381 members and assets of $1.2 billion. The credit union, opened in 1948, has 243 full time employees and 38 part time employees , or 276 members per employee, compared to a national average of 430. currently from 18 locations. It is considered a state-chartered natural person credit union. By number of members, it is the 3rd largest in Iowa. It also is the third largest in the state by assets.

merged with dupaco Iowa Community Credit Union of Cedar Falls, IA has 10,013 members and assets of $78 million. The credit union, opened in 1950, has 23 full time employees and 13 part time employees , or 345 members per employee, compared to a national average of 430.

Teamsters Local #238 Credit Union of Cedar Rapids, IA has 2,347 members and assets of $9 million. The credit union, opened in 1955, has 2 full time employees and 1 part time employee , or 1174 members per employee, compared to a national average of 430.

Cryovac Employees Credit Union of Cedar Rapids, IA has 638 members and assets of $2 million. The credit union, opened in 1953, has 1 full time employees and 1 part time employee , or 638 members per employee, compared to a national average of 455. 

I think that this credit uion for the most part shut down once  the factory went

Collins Community Credit Union of Cedar Rapids, IA has 62,235 members and assets of $774 million. The credit union, opened in 1940, has 198 full time employees and 9 part time employees , or 308 members per employee, compared to a national average of 430.
this was stated by Collins Radio Company employees 

the only "Faith Based" credit union in the area

St. Ludmila Credit Union of Cedar Rapids, IA has 190 members and assets of $392,181. The credit union, opened in 1962, has no full time employees and 2 part time employees , or 190 members per employee, compared to a national average of 430.

Government employees and Public education from K-12 to College started credit unions 

University of Iowa Community Credit Union of North Liberty, IA has 113,583 members and assets of $2.2 billion. The credit union, opened in 1938, has 282 full time employees and 14 part time employees , or 393 members per employee, compared to a national average of 430.

Metco Credit Union of Cedar Rapids, IA has 2,977 members and assets of $29 million. The credit union, opened in 1957, has 7 full time employees and 3 part time employees , or 372 members per employee, compared to a national average of 430. started as the  Cedar Rapids Municipal Employees Credit Union.

Linn Area Credit Union of Cedar Rapids, IA has 24,272 members and assets of $317 million. The credit union, opened in 1935, has 91 full time employees and 8 part time employees , or 255 members per employee, compared to a national average of 43
in the 1970's Linn area Merged with Prairie Schools Credit Union & Kirkwood Community College Credit Union. 

First Federal Credit Union of Hiawatha, IA has 7,655 members and assets of $113 million. The credit union, opened in 1926, has 16 full time employees and 2 part time employees , or 450 members per employee, compared to a national average of 430. started as the Cedar Rapids Postal employees credit union. the only federally charted credit union in LINN & one of 2 in the state.    

Careers in Call Centers

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Dont follow your dreams follow opportunity. I think that this Mike Rowe Video sums it up,I feel that most of the jobs and opportunity's are in factories and call centers  people don't need a 4 year degree. 

But I am glad that i got a 2 year Associate degree from Krirkwood and graduated debt free.  I think that a majority of college education with its price point now has priced itself out of the market for a majority of people if they look at opportunity and return on investment objectively. I know many people who either attended and dropped out or graduated from 4 year colleges with degrees that offered no real viable employment opportunities. So they end up working in a call centers making around the same money that I am making the only real difference is that they are working to pay off their debt. So with the data below I am going to look at this. 

The main types of jobs at Call centers 

All this data about these jobs is based on the  7-county region which is the entire Kirkwood Community College service area.

 Telemarketers ( 41-9041 )
 Employment Number: 1,450 
 Hourly Wages:
 Entry: $ 8.27
 Median: $ 9.36 
 Average Minimum: $ 7.93
 Average Maximum: $ 11.82
 Weighted Average: $ 10.35

So this would just be cold calling I think before National Do Not Call List their would have been more of these jobs but a lot of people don't like being bugged about this and I think that the avg business owner gets at least a half a dozen  solicitation calls by phone for varies company produces each day.  But this still represents 1,500 jobs I think a lot of them are either for political organizations or nonprofits looking for funds. if they are not B2B sales based.   

Customer Service Representatives ( 43-4051 ) 

Employment Number: 4,860 
Hourly Wages: 
Entry: $ 9.59 
Median: $ 14.39 
Average Minimum: $ 8.60 
Average Maximum: $ 21.63 
Weighted Average: $ 13.59

The most common phone based job in the corridor. I have worked these type of jobs since I was in a teenager. some push sales more than service. some have hundreds of people all working in the same building doing the same type work, so if the company had money problems and laided you and many others off what would you do what can you really do to differentiate yourself in a huge environment like that?
 Computer Support Specialists ( 15-1151 )

 Employment Number: 650
 Hourly Wages:
 Entry: $ 16.9 
 Median: $ 22
 Average Minimum: $ 15.58
 Average Maximum: $ 30.33
 Weighted Average: $ 20.09

I feel that my current job is the perfect fit for me we have under a dozen people in our call center, most of which have been their for 5 to 15+ years. my job is a hybrid of Customer Service Rep with more of a focus on tech support for telecom services and minimum general IT support. I handle escalated tech tickets and call back when residential and business customers are having problems with the services.   

analyze, troubleshoot and resolve technical issues for voice, internet or data installation and connection issues.

Every for-profit business that I have worked for has been & is a phone or call center based job. 

additional info that i will rewrite and work on

I think that this Quora Anwser sums it up niceley

Computer support specialists are the professionals who give technical advice, support and assistance to the customers with computer problems whereas Customer service representatives are those who deliver their services to customers of their company.
Computer support specialists give assistance to computer hardware and software problems and other related issues whereas Customer service representatives handle the telephone calls and answers the specific queries of company’s customers.

these are just some ideas that I have had on jobs opportunity and the future... 

Is the middle class a temporary artificial idea & place of being in society? That something that I have been reading & thinking about a lot now
This is the book that really got me thinking about it Check out this book on Goodreads: Who Owns the Future?

How much of technology and automation innovation etc... Destroys middle class jobs and then replaces them with some temp/ low pay low benefit jobs that won't be a livable career?

Manual labor and customer service are both highly replaceable to either machines or outsourcing.  But with so much of the economy in the "service sector" how does one break out of it and rise above it? I have ideas for myself on how to do that but I think for most they are stuck in a dead end.

Live by the sword die by the sword

Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword (Matthew 26:52, King James Version)

a more modem way of saying in regards to the job would be "live by the phone  die by the phone"

Working as an inbound customer service representative (CSR) 
reliably ranks as one of the highest turnover jobs in the world. 
Depending on who you ask, call centers have a turnover rate of between 30 and 45% 
By comparison, the 2013 average employee turnover rate for all industries in the United States was 15%

Manufacturing Jobs

posted Mar 4, 2017, 5:01 PM by CJ Flynn   [ updated Mar 8, 2017, 7:50 AM ]

Cedar Rapids has been and continues to be a working/middle class mecca of opportunities for those who seek them out. Cedar Rapids remains the state’s top city for manufacturing jobs with almost 20,000!

The picture above shows that over 30 years ago Cedar Rapids had 23 thousand manufacturing jobs where as now we have around 20 thousand.

So How much has changed since 1985?

I think a majority of those jobs are still around but I also think that many new companies have started up created jobs here too that off set that loss. we went from 150 manufacturers to 275 different manufacturing plants. So to only lose 3 thousand jobs over a 30 year period is a great feat most communities had maybe 10-5 thousand manufacturing jobs and then those jobs got cut and nothing really replaced them or ever came back.   

the data about these jobs is based on the  7-county region which is the entire Kirkwood Community College service area. 
around 26,000 jobs (20,000 of which are in CR)are manufacturing based with an average  pay of $69,000!

so with that above average pay how that translate into the greater economy... looking at just one industry with in the corridor is   The grain processing industry is a big deal in Cedar Rapids directly providing 4,000 jobs also providing 8,000 jobs indirectly

Quaker Oats, which is the world's largest cereal mill plant
Also the world’s largest ethanol complex is in Cedar Rapids

Disposable Income Levels
most jobs that people are in make some where around 30k a year unless they are an engineer or some other highly trained professional. 

so if the average factory worker is making some where around 50-80K+ a year that would lead to more income that they could spend how they would like since Cedar Rapids Iowa has a low cost of living compared to the coasts and other hip places.

they can buy more cars more often big monster trucks :)

Better entertainment options could buy season tickets to the Hawkeyes football game or at least get a cable package that offers all sports channels and a DVR so they could re-watch or watch it when they would like to.

for more info about and shopping list with some local business in them and good options to speed that money :)  t Link 

additional deals... 
For one thing I would say that Red Wing shoes is very profitable and successful because ADM and other Factories give employees money to buy work shoes and most go to places like that.

The MAC have a pool sauna hot tub & really nice gym. I get a corporate discount I think 2/3 of the members get some form of discount lot of people from Quaker Oats General Mills and other factories the Y may also do something like that. 

A lot of the credit unions got started by the factory workers in the area

Collins Community Credit Union, Veridian Credit Union, Dupaco Community Credit Union, Quaker Oats Credit Union & more I have a full webpage about Credit Unions in Linn Link 


Public Library 
Cedar Rapids Westside Library was named after a retired factory worker...
"Cedar Rapids' new west-side branch library is being named for Marilyn Ladd, a former test technician at Rockwell Collins who without fanfare or strings left the library a gift of almost $750,000 at her death a year ago"

 Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids.
partners with the industries in town to help create job opportunities companies like Aegon USA Rockwell and others have funds and programs to partner with. 

"Diamond V Research and Innovation Center - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
The RIC represents a precedent-setting partnership between education and industry 
that enables the college to expand enrollment in their veterinary technician and animal health programs. 
Diamond V benefits from an on-site veterinarian, students in career training, and the availability of animals to supply our in-house animal research screening studies"


Kibbie Grant
The Kibbie Grant, also called the Iowa Skilled Workforce Shortage Tuition Grant, is for Iowa residents enrolled in specific programs at Iowa community colleges.
Those eligible for the Kibbie Grant could have half their tuition paid for, for up to two years.

If the factory closed down then said worker could get unmeployment and a retraining package at kirkwood. 
Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technologies
Healthcare & IT degrees and other options to be retrained but if someone spent the last 20-30 years in a factory how open to retraining and how open would employers be to hiring someone like that? 

Grocery Stores in Linn

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Hy-vee is huge and has the most locations and product offerings one of the largest employers in Cedar Rapids Iowa City area with over Employees: 4,000 employees 

in the area  
Drugstore  @Address: 2001 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Phone:(319) 393-0539 smaller hyvee right on the boarder of Hiawatha has been a Grocery store for decades before hyvee took it over.

Hy-Vee Drugstore : 505 Boyson Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Phone:(319) 294-9008

Address: 4825 Johnson Ave NW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52405
Phone:(319) 396-1939

Address: 1520 6th St SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Phone:(319) 363-9606

Address: 2790 7th Ave, Marion, IA 52302
Phone:(319) 377-4821

5050 Edgewood Rd NE
(319) 378-0762

one of the newest biggest hyvee's in the CR market near Hiawatha and 52411 some really high income nice areas 

gas station near the above hyvee used to be  hawkeye convice stroe 
Address: 3935 Blairs Ferry Rd, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Phone:(319) 378-0684

3235 Oakland Rd NE
(319) 366-7756

279 Collins Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Phone:(319) 393-8910
another one is at Colins rd by Lindale but will close once tower taernce gets an off ramp on 380 

Address: 4035 Mt Vernon Rd SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
Phone:(319) 365-4623

 1556 1st Ave NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Phone:(319) 364-4196

one of the poorer areas in town 

Southwest side 
Address: 1843 Johnson Ave NW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52405
Phone:(319) 365-0477

Address: 20 Wilson Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Phone:(319) 366-2700

Address: 3600 Business Hwy 151 E, Marion, IA 52302
Phone:(319) 377-4803

Fareway Grocery

3717 1st Ave SE
(319) 363-1293

Address: 4220 16th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Phone:(319) 396-4585

Hiawatha location 
Address: 885 Edgewood Road, Hiawatha, IA 52233
Phone:(319) 378-1072

Address: 3300 10th Ave, Marion, IA 52302
Phone:(319) 373-4271

5425 Blairs Forest Blvd NE 52402 CR 

 1860 Edgewood Rd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

 1001 50th St, Marion, IA 52302

all have the same phone number (855) 955-2534
Discount store that pays employees $12+ an hour. high quality produces at cut rate prices 

 and only has one option for everything so you don't run into the The Paradox of Choice - Why More Is Less is a 2004 book by American psychologist Barry Schwartz. You bag it in your own bags that you bring

its like Walmart but with less section and higher prices 

1030 Blairs Ferry Rd NE
(319) 393-1600

Address: 3400 Edgewood Rd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Phone:(319) 396-4444

The old westside location is now the Laddy Westside library

Walmart Supercenter
2645 Blairs Ferry Rd NE
(319) 393-0444

Address: 3601 29th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Phone:(319) 390-9922

Address: 5491 US-151 BUS, Marion, IA 52302
Phone:(319) 447-2395

half of all Grocery sold in the USA are sold by Walmart leading the race to the bottom
"More Americans buy their groceries at Walmart than anywhere else.
Walmart  currently captures about 25% of the grocery market in the U.S., up from around 7% in 2002."

Save A Lot
1030 Blairs Ferry Rd NE
(319) 393-1600

independent and international stores

Jim's Foods
Address: 812 6th St SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Phone:(319) 362-6047

Saigon Market
Address: 803 2nd Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
Phone:(319) 363-2900

Yumei's Asian Market & Anime  
Address: 901 1st Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52405
Phone:(319) 378-2910

Apna Bazar
Address: 5350 Council St NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Phone:(319) 378-6446

JoJo Oriental International Store
3655 1st Ave SE
is a Asian restaurant and Grocery store 

La Guanajuato
3915 Center Point Rd NE
(319) 743-0081

is a mexican restrunant and Grocery store 

New Pioneer Food Co-op

3338 Center Point Rd NE
(319) 365-2632

a member owner food co-op that is open to the public i have been a menber since right after they opened. 

Natural Grocers  
931 Blairs Ferry Rd NE
(319) 382-7993
Fresh Market and other places like Whole Foods have tried to move into the Cedar Rapids Market Fresh Market failed and still is an empty store  in the strip mall where the old Kmart was.

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