Blogger's Code of Conduct

posted May 29, 2011, 4:28 PM by CJ Flynn   [ updated May 29, 2011, 5:03 PM ]
I think this is an interesting topic..

I use The Blogger's Code of Conduct is a proposal by Tim O'Reilly for bloggers to enforce civility on their blogs by being civil themselves and moderating comments on their blog. The code was proposed due to threats made to blogger Kathy Sierra. The idea of the code was first reported by BBC News, who quoted O'Reilly saying, "I do think we need some code of conduct around what is acceptable behavior, I would hope that it doesn't come through any kind of regulation it would come through self-regulation."

O'Reilly and others came up with a list of seven proposed ideas:

  1. Take responsibility not just for your own words, but for the comments you allow on your blog.

  2. Label your tolerance level for abusive comments.

  3. Consider eliminating anonymous comments.

  4. Ignore the trolls.

  5. Take the conversation offline, and talk directly, or find an intermediary who can do so.

  6. If you know someone who is behaving badly, tell them so.

  7. Don't say anything online that you wouldn't say in person.

  Source Wikipedia