Universal Tree of Knowledge

posted Oct 15, 2012, 2:41 PM by CJ Flynn   [ updated Oct 15, 2012, 2:44 PM ]

Wikipedia  & the Universe

I think that Wikipedia is the best website on the internet. Becouse of what this post is titled I do feel that Wikipedia is the Universal Tree of Knowledge that is on the web or at least one of the best starting points for research. Its the free & open encyclopedia. How the content that is on Wikipedia is almost all under a very liberal licensees that lets it users remix it and share it with others.

One offshoot of  Wikipedia is the Wikireader it debuted in October 2009.I own a Wikireader I bought it online in spring 2011 I have liked it a lot. What the Wikireader can do is give you all the text based content of Wikipedia on a small portable device that runs on 2 AAA battery's and needs no internet or wi-fi! 

 I paid around $100 back in 2011 now in the fall of 2012 they are selling for $14.95 or so its a great deal at that price. Almost anyone could afford one I have given many away recently as gifts to people who do not have interent and they really like the WikiReader. 

these are some far out links! 




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