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  • The Urbz: Sims in the City for GBA guide

    The Urbz: Sims in the City for Game Boy Advance 

    I have enjoyed playing the Urbz Sims in the City its one of my favorite video games ever I like it more than The Sims Bustin' Out both are for Game Boy Advance. I feel that this game kind of  parallels my life in the way that both in this walk Thu and they way I lived my life for the 1st 25 years were very low cost. I lived with my parents and was never jail but in some ways you could say that I did pay a social cost for having those experiences but I think over the long term I am happy with what i did.
    A few tips that save cash and make the game easier in the long run.


    You start at the dumpy apartment free at 1st but stay in jail till you max out 3 skills Body Logic and  Charisma 2 of these skills you can not pay to learn you just have to do them and learn it 

    Stay in Jail as long as you can...
     Its Rent Free no maintenance and all your needs can be met with the cell they have a  toilet, shower, a bed and Free Food.

    Buildup body points
    the place comes with a Free Gym too. once you max your body and the basket ball skills game you can pull in some big money plus getting all the promotions in the game makes it easier to move up and advance in the game later on  

    For additional 
    storage befriend Giuseppi Mezzoalto once you get your relationship to
    100%  he will  unlock the Old broken down school bus (near thrift
    shop) now it becomes your vary own Skoolie.

    I kept the toilet
    and shower along with the biker couch in my pocket I was then able to
    place them in the Skoolie so now I have a 2nd base of
    operations another perk with these free storage spaces is that they
    have no thief nothing's ever stolen a nice safe place to put a

    Housing long term

    Once you get out of jail to really move the guy forward you 
    Small Brownstone
    This is the smallest and cheapest place to live in the whole game. 

    you have to pay rent weekly and you have a one time deposit fee off $150 to get into your new digs.

    Weekly Rent is $175 but having a roommates and doing making a few other investments can lower that cost to just $52 a week... 

    Upgrades to the house or why you should Go Big or Go Home!

    Double Pane Windows - §2,000 lowers bill by 40% this is the most expensive thing sold but it offers you a good savings on the long term offers yo

    roommates you can have one and that will reduce you bills by 50% if they are in the bed or using the toilet and you need to use it walk out of the house and back in and that will clear that space

    Optional upgrades 

    these  are  kind of optional if you never cook there then how likely is it that this would happen but I would rather have and never use it then need it and never have it.

    this is really import to make sure you never get any of your stuff stolen you dont want to come home and have a stolen toilet :( because then you have to spend more money to buy more of the same stuff that you already had
    Nite-Ninja Security - §1,500
    Buy This and Never get robbed... I have it and have still gotten robbed oddly enough so not sure if its really worth it

    domo-mojo is cool but if you don't really care to have people over it shouldn't matter much the best person to have over is Crystal she will give you a  Magic Lamp with a bed and a toilet with it that you can keep in your pocket. so you really dont need one or to spend the money for one at your apartment 
    Halon Suppression System - §500
    When there is a fire, puts itself out

    Domo-Mojo or why good vibes gets you free stuff and makes you feel better
    Groovy is the level you will want to slect - §1,500
    Others feel vibes 40% mo

    Security System $1500
    Utilities $2000
    Roomates priceless 
    Frie Alarm $500
    Domo-Mojo $1500 

    Building Skills

    Autodidactism for Free

    Miniopolis Chronicle is the place where you can max out your logic skills they have a computer and it wont cap your skills even if your still living in the jail.
    it is recommend that you max that skill set out before getting your own crib.

    the Second Looks' Thrift Store has
    a minor that you can use to build up charisma it will also allow you to max out your skills 

    Formal education at Miniopolis University  

    really the only thing worth studying is Mechanical the other 3 topics covered can be learned on your own but paying to play at 
    the University is the quickest way to skill acquisition :)    you can study Cooking, Creativity and Mechanical there.

     Long Term Ways to Wealth 

    Carving Wood 

    with these 2 methods below your sim should never have to work again in their life if they don't want to they are free.... welcome to the land of do as your pleases :)
    1st go to Carver's Corner in the market area of the game. 
    they sell woods and 2 types of tables one is the Mini-Bench don't waste your money on that just by the Craftmaestro Pro-Bench for  §950 one craving could pay for the bench 

    Wooden Nymph sells for the most money  so its good to keep that in your pocket 

    Where & when to Sell Wood

    once you make something go to the thrift store Between 5 and 7pm bid on something but don't win it once the auction is over for that item sell the highest value wood item back to the store it will give you have price  for that item which depending on your skills could be $2,500 or a little more then you can buy it back at the auction at the discounted price that the wood pice would sell for so like $30 its a good deal and a quick way to really raise funds to upgrade and make your crib great and invest in Epoch etc..   

    Epoch Museum 

     you donate money for  exhibits if you buy all the exhibits then you get a check each week for 1k offers a good return on investment over the long term

    Posted Jul 3, 2020, 5:03 AM by CJ Flynn
  • My Two Cents or how I had a marketing budget for under $40

    So how was I able to do this the 1st step was to create the website it has to have the WWW. in front of it or else the webpage wont load.  That's kind of lame but the price is right I think for $12 a year or about a buck a month this is the best value for either a small non profit or a small part time business. I'm not going to run an E-commerce site on their or do anything fancy its basically a nice resume with contact info and an additional brochure.

    But Im glad that this is still an option I think that its better to have an OK basic website than to over speed a lot of money on something that either a lot of people are not going to see or its really not going to provide a good ROI return on investment

    At my price point I charge $40 an hour for my services my goal is to have 2-10 hours or work per week so after i met with my 1st client I was able to cover this whole marketing budget.

     it shows that its Powered by Blogger at the bottom of each page I think   Blogger has up their game in the realm of templates and they get the job done they dont look as fancy as a WordPress website or a lot of the newer more expensive websites but this is still the cheapest way to get a webpage on the internet.

    My main site that I am writing this on my personal webpage I still just pay $10 a year for this so its even cheaper and I get email with in this domain but I was really able to luck out with the quality and price for this one to be grandfathered into that great deal program and it lets people become familiar with the Google Apps products I think now if I wanted to setup an account and use Google Sites and have one and only one email address it would cost me $60 a year to do that which is not that bad but its still $48 more than what I am paying right now.

    I was able to get the domain at Google Domains for $12 a year and that included free private registration I like how they handle registration it was easier to do this with them than it was to do it with Enorm or Go Daddy from my merroy plus they didn't try and up sell me much they just have a link saying that i could upgrade for $5 a month.

    Business cards 

    I used staples again you can go to their store and order them in person you have to order it online which I think takes away part of their competitive advantage if they had a few nice little kiosk computers that could let you enter your info while there then you could shop round and they could have it printed in one hour or less i think that would help build more brand loyalty and let people see what else the store has to offer.  the east side location shut down im not sure if thatch becosue of declining sales or becosue they merged with office depot all I know is its gone and they only have one location now on the west side where i dont go to often. 

    The Cards themselves were OK the website was not very user friendly and just was a fight im kind of shocked that I still got these cards. I didn't get a logo or anything fancy like that all the cards I think my name is the main marketing and selling point of it I just wanted something that was easy to read. 

    so now this gets us to why i titled this my two cents the business  cards cost about 2 cents each when you buy a thousand of them my last set of cards lasted about 5 years or more the new set even tho I have more cards by at least 500 if i am promoting this business more I will run out sooner but the cost is low per card plus I think this with word of month would be the best way to market.

    Posted Apr 22, 2017, 3:32 PM by CJ Flynn
  • Bowling Shoes Worth It...

    I have bowled since I was 5 years old I use to be in kid legaues up until I got into high school.

    Having your very own bowling shoes is probably the best investment you could make when it comes to considering bowling equipment. First and foremost, you don’t have to worry about renting bowling shoes that about a thousand other people have worn. You don’t know who the previous person who wore the shoes could be and what kind of foot problems they might have. So hygienically speaking this is a definite plus to having your own shoes.

     $3 to $6 to rent a pair of bowling shoes. Let’s say you go on a regulary weekly basis to the local lanes. If you rent each time, you are looking at spending roughly $12 to $32 each month. Now multiply that by a year and you are looking at spending $144 to $384 on just shoe rentals! That doesn’t even include the cost of the actual bowling games. Now it may not sound like a lot but when you compare that cost to the cost of owning your own shoes being around $50 to $150, in less than a year they would have already paid for themselves.
     dexter slide rite I think i bought them well over 10 years ago for under $50 
    Posted Feb 26, 2017, 8:38 AM by CJ Flynn
  • 2016 review
    so i really dig 750 words and the guy who runs that website each year will do a post about reviewing where he is at and what he is doing etc... im going to work on that year 
    Posted Dec 31, 2016, 6:11 AM by CJ Flynn
  • the economic value of a hand truck aka dolly
    So i bought one the other day I have always wanted to own one but since I moved i knew that i could really use one. mine can hold up to 800 pounds. it can be used upright or i can roll it has 4 wheels if it needs that. it cost me about $90 to buy it out right one time. compared to renting a dolly and paying any where from $10-20 a time that i would need it. I feel that with in the 1st year this would pay for it self.

    from Wikipedia
    Hand trucks are upright framed pieces of material handling equipment with large wheels that allow you to place them under a load, such as a stack of boxes or a large drum, and tilt back on the hand truck which allows you to roll the load freely where it needs to go. Many hand trucks have additional benefits such as a set of kick out wheels that make the hand truck into a four wheeled moving machine when it is tilted back, attachments to make climbing stairs with the truck easy or the ability to lay the hand truck down completely with casters at the top so that the entire truck becomes a cart. Many different styles and maximum capacities exist, but here are a few to demonstrate the wide variety available

    Posted Dec 22, 2016, 7:16 AM by CJ Flynn
  • Getting Started Guide setting up a Windows 7 PC

     The  main pieces of software needed to help your computer reach it's potential: 


    1. Start Open internet Explorer then download a better web browser such asGoggle  Chrome  Website

    2. then download Microsoft Security Essentials a FREE antivirus  created by Microsoft as the name would suggest. Website    
    3. CCleaner is really good at cleaning up an old computer and making it run betterDownload
    4. FireFox - the world's best web browser Download

    5. Foxit PDF Reader - a free fast and stable PDF reader Download 
    6. AbiWord  works similarl to classic versions (pre-Office 2007) of Microsoft Word, as it is a simple small program that uses less resources than MS Office or Liberaoffic. Website 
    7. One advantage of Notepad++ over the built-in Windows text editor Notepad, is that Notepad++ supports tabbed editing, which allows working with which allows working with multiple open files. Notepad++ opens big files significantly faster and can be used as Windows Notepad replacement. Notepad++ Downloadwebsite 
    1.  Even more Free software is available for download at this

    Good Add-ons for Firefox Or Chrome 

            Ad block-plus is a good add-on to start with. It blocks almost all advertisements on the internet from showing up when you are on FireFox. Download

    Web of Trust (WOT) is a website advisory Add-on. It will tell you if a  website is safe or has viruses. Download

    HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox and Chrome extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure.Download 
    Posted Jul 5, 2013, 2:34 PM by CJ Flynn
  • What???
    Posted Feb 26, 2013, 6:05 PM by CJ Flynn
  • Why I don't own any video game console

    I owned a PS2 but I gave it away to the local group I was active in. I feel that they get more and better use out of it than I was. I started playing video games in 2001 & I stopped playing my PS2 around fall of 2008...WOW its been almost 5 years since then!  

    I enjoy playing video games with my friends, in person and in the same room. I feel that it makes it a fun social experience vs buying an overpriced game console and dropping $20-50+ plus per game on top of that. I was reading about how today the video game industry is hurting the most sicne the 1980's crash because since the PS3's & the new systems have come out with HD and Proprietary online networks what more could they add to a new system? So I will not support them financially. I do have a few Apps on my iOS Apps and the 2 that I like are KATAMARI Amore & GTA III outside of that most game Apps I do not care for. But I do not need a gaming system to play these 2 Apps.

    Proprietary software = Feudalism ???

    when you reject freedom in the tech field you will also accept a lack of freedom in other areas of your life.  

    Posted Dec 20, 2012, 2:00 PM by CJ Flynn
  • The übermensch vs the Common Good
    So this is  The übermensch vs the common good or the Pros and Cons of Lifestyle Design!  I am comparing the Pros and Cons of Lifestyle Design or at least have links about them for now! 

    Part of what these guys who are Pro-Lifestyle Design talk about are being so awesome and creating this or that or becoming more than the Average Joe would their self-help books tell you to become the übermensch? how do we feel about the universe and the common good?  

    "Superman or Zarathustra would be the highest possible development and integration of intellectual power, strength of character and will, independence, passion, taste, and physique. He would be highly-cultured, skilful in all bodily accomplishments, tolerant out of strength, regarding nothing as forbidden unless it is weakness ("virtue" or "vice"). He is the man who has become fully free and independent and affirms life and the universe."

    lifestyle design and your ideal world

    "In the manifesto that has now been downloaded more than 100,000 times, I wrote about how many people have no idea what they want to get out of life. The answer to the question, “What do you really want?” tends to trip a lot of us up." 

    BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER Silicon Valley’s self-help guru.

    "In 2000, Ferriss founded the sports-nutrition company—his last “real” job."


    Why lifestyle design will make you miserable

    "Lifestyle is the new black. Minimalism rules and pundits are trying to find the new definition of “enough”. It seems that any self respecting entrepreneur is supposed to build a micro-internet business to support their ambitions. Those ambitions usually revolve around tropical retirements and/or working from your PJs while homeschooling your kids."

    17 Steps to Instant Success as a Lifestyle Designer BY ERIC SCHILLER


    Lifestyle Design Sucks

    "My designer lifestyle demanded that I have an automated business.  So, naturally, I went into the vitamin supplement business because it’s not regulated"

    Posted Dec 14, 2012, 7:23 AM by CJ Flynn
  • The Declaration of Friendship
    The Declaration of Friendship is an idea I have heard from other friends of mine and that I am building on. You could call this a sociology lesson maybe?

    We will start out with a base line of Stranger Danger most people in the universe would fall under this category because we do not know most people in the world we fear them. We fear the unknown

    now we have what I would call the acquaintance level we will start off with negative and then go positive.

    Acquaintance Negative is someone who knows you and you don't really like each other or get along very well but you will tolerate it.

    Until it goes to Dislike Status where you cant stand each other and very few people fall under this level for most people.

    Acquaintance Positive is someone you know who you enjoy being around when its easy for you to see them and some times cool stuff happens sometimes it doesn't. I would say a majority of people would fall under this level. Its not a bad place to be but its not the top level of a social relationship either.

    Friendship this is the level that all other levels build on how do we define it? Who is a “True Friend”? How do we reach this level?

    Posted Dec 14, 2012, 6:28 AM by CJ Flynn
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