ROKU & other TV options

Roku has some of the best ROI of any device that you can buy it and watch YouTube and get more out of your TV even 99% of the smart TVs out there. 

I am not a fan of Blu Ray and only own a DVD Player I do see the value in owning DVDs that i really do value. 

I Love my Roku 3 its the best one that I have seen. I think its the only one that has a built in head phones jack on the remote. 

Pluto.TV is a Free almost Basic cable like TV offering that you can get via an app. 

 on the market im not a big fan of 4-k or any of the Above HD picture stuff that eats a lot more bandwith I use about 50 GB of data a month at my apartmnet. but if I was watching in 4k it would be a lot more.

ON Demand Video service with No monthly fees