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Full Disclosure: I Love Google & use Gmail & many of its services but I do like competition. I have this & a few other websites hosted via Google Apps for $10/yr. I wonder how me writing this will effect my SEO for this website? 

Email & communication software

Use Thunderbird or some other 3rd party email client when downloading AOL email do not use  

why create a Free AOL email address  

info link 

Looking for a cheap burner laptop.
$120 cash will get you a Dell Latitude D630 running Linux Zorin has built in WiFi & more go to this website to buy one.   


I own a complete collection of 

Encyclopedia Britannica's 1994  (15th edition)  . I was reading how  autodidacts should own a set encyclopedias and now I do I got it from a library book sale room its about 35 books overall I paid a grand total of... $20!!!

I do value Wikipedia but find it interesting to own a printed set of encyclopedias that new would have cost over 1k. was printed for almost 250 years it is older than the USA it was a tool of the Age of Enlightenment.   

What We’ve Lost With the Demise of Print Encyclopedias Link 

the sum of human knowledge' – had a different shape in the era of the printed encyclopedia Link

Encyclopedia Britannica in the age of Wikipedia Link

Encyclopaedia Britannica stops printing after more than 200 yearsLink

search engine & Alternate search methods is an Internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers' privacy and avoiding the "filter bubble" of personalized search results. 

Lifehacker offers some good Alt like reddit & Yahoo Answers

 link to this article. 

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