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Low Income Help Hub

I set this page up as a general guide and resource

Budget guidelines or welcome to the wonderful world of relative poverty ;)

budget somewhere between 10-12k a year to live on so then you could put some in savings and take care of additional expenses

Yearly budget of $16,800 or $1400 a month I was going to call this How to live on less than 17k a year because your income needs to stay below that to stay on Medicaid

With low rent, no car or medical expenses, a single person could live adequately on $1k per month.

I have three main categories. First is your health if you're not healthy and you're sick and dying what really matters? Second is housing. It's always good to have a roof over your head. The third would be food and everything else that follows. Basically it's Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Health care

What got me interested in this topic is the way my health declined. I had trouble working and then ended up on Medicaid I appreciate that

Medicaid was expanded in Iowa. Almost everyone should have some sort of health insurance in Iowa. I think it's better for people to have Medicaid so they can get a lot of preventative care is that's a lot cheaper than emergency room and ICU care. It's one in four people in the state of Iowa that are covered by Medicaid. You can get your eyes checked out by a doctor but no glasses or contacts are covered and dental care is totally out of your pocket. you can apply at www.Heathcare.gov


I feel that housing and healthcare are really the top two costs associated with life. If you can handle these two costs then you should be able to handle everything else. With housing what worked for me is owner-occupying a duplex and renting the other half out. Another approach that would be cost-effective is renting an affordable apartment or house and just having roommates and living in that. I feel that a fourth to half of all income could fall under the housing utilities category.


Low-Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP) & Weatherization program

Helps low income people cut their electric and gas bill


Internet discount

Can get $50 off your bill



City Bus $20 a month or $240 a year.

When on Medicaid or other low income program you get it at the discounted rate. All bus rides are free right now because of covid. http://www.cedar-rapids.org/residents/city_buses/half_fare_qualifications.php

additional information can be found on this page

Guide living in Cedar Rapids without A car.


Red pocket prepaid a year of service and Google Voice 35 a year???

Television & Media etc

Over the air signal that has no ongoing cost. You can also buy a streaming device such as a Roku or fire stick.

Amazon prime is half price if you qualify for Medicaid . I think this is good for watching free shows but I don't buy anything there unless I really have to. I'm not even really sure that prime is worth it because I don't like Amazon is a company much. Maybe ???

Libraries and education

I feel that the Cedar Rapids area has quite an extensive library system. Especially the public libraries you can get so much different media there from DVDs to books meeting space and other community assets.

for I have a student discount page predominantly for Kirkwood students.

I put some links for University of Iowa students here too. I also have a philosophical page on non-commercial values and they're important in society.



Low income under 20k a year $26.60 a month or $300 a year.


Additional links

Linn County has https://www.linncounty.org/130/Community-Resources this page with a lot of local information