Eastern Iowa to Las Vegas

Vegas to CR This is my guide to getting out to Vegas and making the most of the trip. I went to Vegas at least once a year from 2014-2018. If you have a student ID or are a senior you can get more deals.

How to get there

Go to Allegiant.com Order online With a debit card. Credit cards are charged a few when they are used. Allegiant offered there own credit card that I think has an exemption from the transaction fee.

Additional Fees

trying to minimize fees

No reserved seat fee

just buy a ticket dont pay more to pick out a seat. cost tend to be about $15 or more each seat each way.

No additional Bags

Allegiant charge fees for carry-on luggage, they do not charge fees for bringing aboard a personal bag


I went with a group only one person paid the addition bag charge the rest we were able to keep in just one personal bag per person.

When at the airport arrive early but expect delays anything from bad weather to mechanical problem from the airplane

Boarding Passes TSA Pre-Check Link If you are wearing steel toe shoes you still have to take them off and your belt etc...

I was able to print the boarding pass for the Trip there on the way back Your kind of stuck you can use a computer that has questionable Security & all charge you $5 for 20 minutes of access then there's probably a fee per page printed etc... the easy route is just to just pay the lady at the check in desk a $5 fee per person that would allow you to be TSA Pre-check

Free phone App

The free option That I used for the way back was to check in with the Aligeanit app check in with the airport free WiFi then screenshot it so even if you lose connection its still on your phone.

Deals because of Flying Allegiant

Golden Gate

I would say that the best deal is to go to the the golden gate with in 24 hrs with your boarding pass & get some nice match play you have to sign up for a players card which is free.


Getting Around

Airport 2 Hotel

once you arrive at the airport take the showtimetourslv.com from the airport for around $15 per person round trip from McCarran Intl to downtown Vegas. Going forward I will probably stay with Showtime one trip I used Bell Transfer I bought it mid flight with Allegiant it cost less than showtime and you Don't pay Tax which makes it even less but its harder to reserve your ride home they don't answer their phone much but email worked OK that is how I confirmed it but they have an iOS App but NO App for android. but we made it work with Bell Tans too...

A cab ride you would be looking at a least $60 just one way

Car rental

The enterprise at the D has some nice car rentals if you don't let them up sell you useless stuff you don't need you can get a rental for under $40 a day with unlimited miles you really only need it one day at most


in downtown this is very doable in no time on the strip this can turn into a death march real quick with hot sun no shade and large property the downtown is real walkable

city bus

$8 per person for 24 hour pass can get you downtown & too the strip website rtcsnv.com

seniors over the age of 60 years old can get a discounts the only student discounts are for Nevada students but if you can get a discount its another 50% off

Stay downtown

If you need to go to the strip do it in 1 day with a 24 hour pass

Where to stay

check into the hotel a lot of times you can tip $10-20 & get a nice room upgrade I prefer the D its a nice place that was redone in 2012 & has some cool vibes & reasonable prices

where to eat

The Dupree at the golden gate has the best shrimp cocktail in Vegas it'd more than the $1 shrimp cocktail but it's a full cup of shrimp not watered down with non shrimp filler they have great pies too but it has closed as of 2017.

tony roma's at the Frmount has good deals on Prime Rib and there other food is good too.

The McDonalds at the D

The oatmeal is filling and affordable

what to see

What to see and what's not worth it

See red rock canyon its like the grand canyon but without the $50 surcharge just to get on some lame bus at the canyon but its 2 hours there & then 2 hours back

To keep your money and Sanity's avoid timeshare hawker's at All Cost do not talk to them or make eye contact with these heartless vouchers

Museums and other cool things to see beside gambling

Monday thu Thursday off time at a discounted rate

Allegiant Air golden gate