Manufacturing Jobs

Post date: Mar 5, 2017 1:01:36 AM

Cedar Rapids has been and continues to be a working/middle class mecca of opportunities for those who seek them out. Cedar Rapids remains the state’s top city for manufacturing jobs with almost 20,000!

The picture above shows that over 30 years ago Cedar Rapids had 23 thousand manufacturing jobs where as now we have around 20 thousand.

So How much has changed since 1985?

I think a majority of those jobs are still around but I also think that many new companies have started up created jobs here too that off set that loss. we went from 150 manufacturers to 275 different manufacturing plants. So to only lose 3 thousand jobs over a 30 year period is a great feat most communities had maybe 10-5 thousand manufacturing jobs and then those jobs got cut and nothing really replaced them or ever came back.


the data about these jobs is based on the 7-county region which is the entire Kirkwood Community College service area.

around 26,000 jobs (20,000 of which are in CR)are manufacturing based with an average pay of $69,000!

so with that above average pay how that translate into the greater economy... looking at just one industry with in the corridor is The grain processing industry is a big deal in Cedar Rapids directly providing 4,000 jobs also providing 8,000 jobs indirectly

Quaker Oats, which is the world's largest cereal mill plant

Also the world’s largest ethanol complex is in Cedar Rapids

Disposable Income Levels

most jobs that people are in make some where around 30k a year unless they are an engineer or some other highly trained professional.

so if the average factory worker is making some where around 50-80K+ a year that would lead to more income that they could spend how they would like since Cedar Rapids Iowa has a low cost of living compared to the coasts and other hip places.

they can buy more cars more often big monster trucks :)

Better entertainment options could buy season tickets to the Hawkeyes football game or at least get a cable package that offers all sports channels and a DVR so they could re-watch or watch it when they would like to.

for more info about and shopping list with some local business in them and good options to speed that money :) t Link

additional deals...


For one thing I would say that Red Wing shoes is very profitable and successful because ADM and other Factories give employees money to buy work shoes and most go to places like that.


The MAC have a pool sauna hot tub & really nice gym. I get a corporate discount I think 2/3 of the members get some form of discount lot of people from Quaker Oats General Mills and other factories the Y may also do something like that.


A lot of the credit unions got started by the factory workers in the area

Collins Community Credit Union, Veridian Credit Union, Dupaco Community Credit Union, Quaker Oats Credit Union & more I have a full webpage about Credit Unions in Linn Link


Public Library

Cedar Rapids Westside Library was named after a retired factory worker...

"Cedar Rapids' new west-side branch library is being named for Marilyn Ladd, a former test technician at Rockwell Collins who without fanfare or strings left the library a gift of almost $750,000 at her death a year ago"

Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids.

partners with the industries in town to help create job opportunities companies like Aegon USA Rockwell and others have funds and programs to partner with.

"Diamond V Research and Innovation Center - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The RIC represents a precedent-setting partnership between education and industry

that enables the college to expand enrollment in their veterinary technician and animal health programs.

Diamond V benefits from an on-site veterinarian, students in career training, and the availability of animals to supply our in-house animal research screening studies"

Kibbie Grant

The Kibbie Grant, also called the Iowa Skilled Workforce Shortage Tuition Grant, is for Iowa residents enrolled in specific programs at Iowa community colleges.

Those eligible for the Kibbie Grant could have half their tuition paid for, for up to two years.

If the factory closed down then said worker could get unmeployment and a retraining package at kirkwood.

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technologies

Healthcare & IT degrees and other options to be retrained but if someone spent the last 20-30 years in a factory how open to retraining and how open would employers be to hiring someone like that?

additional sources

East Central Iowa accounts for the most industrial/manufacturing employment in the state, with 93,084 jobs

Food processing remains Iowa’s largest industrial sector by employment, with 56,877 jobs statewide