Post Secondary Education In Linn

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Post Secondary Education history in Linn from both the 4 & 2 year degree programs along with the non degree education look at the changes in the landscape.

Not for profit

So in Linn County their are 3 private not for profit colleges along with one public not for profit public community college

arranged by year established

Coe College Cedar Rapids Private 4 year college with 1,378 students established in 1851 its history parallels cedar rapids as they were both founded with in a few years of each other.

Cornell College Mount Vernon Private college with 1,197 students established in 1853 they offer something like one class per month at a time. they only have about 20% of students from Iowa most are out of state.

Mount Mercy University is in Cedar Rapids its the only Private Catholic 4 college in the metro. with over 1,824 students. it was established 1928 as a 2 year training college for women with a focus on nursing and teaching they still offer that but branched out into a lot of other majors.

What I think Mercy should offer is some sort of partnership with the mercy hospitals and Catholic school system where they get nurses and teachers who will work at there places and they get loan

forgiveness and other options.

I like their 2 plus 2 program basicly it means that you spend 2 years at community college paying those discounted prices and then transfer to Mercy I thought about doing that but it just didn't work out. Im not sure how much longer many students would be willing to spend the extra 2 years to live at Mercy and pay the full price. I think that it would be better for the long term viability for them to focus on the last 2 years plus offer a few masters program like they do now. but I think where they have really grown is with sports and the scholarships that go along with them.

Iowa Registered Apprenticeship in 1937 the US passed the National Apprenticeship Act

and that helped formalize many of the programs that are around for this

their are over 1,000 apprentice occupations in Iowa

Competency-based programs where they measure whether someone knows it

so plumbers and Electricians

Kirkwood Community College Cedar Rapids Public Associate's college number of students 17,625 year established 1966 Krikwood has it all from continuing Ed to GED Associates you can get it there and at an affoable price. I was able to get my associates degree here and graduate debt free! most of the VocTech training in the area is done at Kirkwood

In 2017, a full-time Iowa resident will pay between $4,410 and $5,670 for 30 credit


Graduate Schools

MBA's & other Graduate education options in CR

Tippie College of Business Cedar Rapids Center

The only University of Iowa branch In CR for education the market demand for high achieving professionals in the area to fast track their advance or at least give the perception or option too makes this a good market to be in.

Located in the Ely building which was built and named for one of the 6 founding families of Cedar Rapids.

the address

221 2nd Avenue SE, Suite 300, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401


MBA program branch in CR

MBA with no....

No entrance exams GRE, GMAT both mercy and U of I will waive it. so is it about the education or the revenue that this type of education generates but i guess you could say that real world experience exempts one from needing to take it but is the market over saturated with MBA

There are sixty colleges and universities in the U.S.

state of Iowa that are listed under the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.

The State of Iowa has 35 private non-profit colleges and universities.


So most of the for-profit colleges have either combined went out of business or service a very special niche. Now most of the for profit colleges just offer schooling online becosue then you don't have the over head of building taxes and other cost but I bet a ton would drop out or just fail out of the online schools.

Kaplan University

Campus Cedar Rapids

Private for-profit

Baccalaureate/associate's college

student count 687

in 1980 they opened up year 1980 came to CR market as Hamilton College I have more info about them in my defunct colleges. I think this is the last kind of full service for profit school in the CR area.

Cosmetology & stuff

Capri is an Iowa based Cosmetology school that has been around since 1966 they came to CR in 1977 – Capri Cosmetology College was established in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This location was formerly Paris Beauty Academy.

Two Weeks to Try Us Our Before Committing!

I like that Capri offer this because if they are willing to do that then their students must be already really sold on the school and I am not a aware of any other school that offers something like this outside of auditing a class.

Carlson College of Massage Therapy 1st to offer massage Therapy in Iowa

Tech/IT/Telecom training

Tech changes so quick, sometimes that education can be covered in a continuing education class at Krikwood

New Horizons Cedar Rapids is a IT education training.

IT certification they offer a class on CompTIA Network+ exam something Krikwood dosen't offer but they charge $2,500 for it

CompTIA is Nonprofit...

I found that FREE videos on Network+ were great along with just buying some books and other study materials

Big deal in the Telecom industry is Jones NCTI


fast tracked for the CDL

the most common job in Iowa and most of America is truck driver. from FedEx delivery trucks to over the road long hall...

CRST has their own school that they operate and pay for all the education that you need. programs like this tho have their caveats their are minim times that you have to be employed with them or you have to pay it back at some interest rate and for how long???

Get your commercial drivers license in just four short weeks


Free school for a contract stating you'll stay employed with them for a minimum of 10 months. You can prepay amount of $2,500 and then leave but in a lot of ways the Free route would be better because you don't have to pay it back if you make it the 10 months and your good to go.

Krikwood has its own program

most of the smaller trucking schools have a partnership with krikwood the program cost around $4k

turnover rate was 87 percent in 2015

Defunct Colleges

Here is a cool list here for the whole state

ITT Technical Institute (often shortened to ITT Tech) was a for-profit technical institute with approximately 130 campuses in 38 states of the United States. they had a campus in CR they all shut down in 2016

Hamilton college

Kaplan University, Cedar Rapids campus, has its roots in Mason City, Iowa,

where the main campus of Hamilton College has operated as a business career college since 1900.

In 1980, the college opened a branch campus in Cedar Rapids, to allow more students to

be part of the Hamilton educational experience. In 2007, all seven Hamilton College campuses became part of Kaplan University. Each campus maintains close ties within its

community and surrounding communities, resulting in graduates employed throughout the Midwest.

3165 Edgewood Parkway, SW

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Tel: 319.363.0481

Tel: 800.987.7734 (Toll Free)

Hamilton College

1924 D Street SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

2300 Euclid Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50310

100 First Street NW, Mason City, IA 50401

MAson city history of hamilton college

Western College In the city of Western Iowa

Leander Clark College, originally named Western College,

was a college in Iowa,

United States. It operated from 1857 to 1919,

when it was absorbed into Coe College.

Western College, founded by the United Brethern in Christ in 1857,

was originally located a mile north of Shueyville,

in Section 34, Putnam twp., Linn county. In 1881,

due to financial problems, the college moved to Toledo, Tama co.

Cedar Rapids Business College


The college remained open until 1973.

ITC Midwest LLC, which operates the former Alliant Energy transmission system in

Iowa, plans to relocate its downtown headquarters to the Palmer Building.

The Palmer Building is owned by Steve Emerson of Aspect Architecture.

1903-built Palmer Building

The Palmer Building was named for Austin N. Palmer and housed the Palmer School of Penmanship and Bookkeeping, which taught a method of handwriting that was taught at schools until the 1960s. The building also housed the Cedar Rapids Business College, which closed in 1975.

Timothy Roberts solan owner did a great job restroting it and in some ways is a serial entrepreneur

The Ausadie Building is named after a combination of the first names of original owners Austin and Sadie Palmer.

Austin Palmer became well-known for his Palmer Method of Handwriting.

845 1ST AVE SE

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA Ausadie Apartments

A Look Inside the Historic Ausadie Building -- Bob Around Town

the plamer education building

in 1880, the same year the Cedar Rapids Business College opened its doors. Among the school's first faculty members was Austin Palmer, the inventor of the Palmer Method of Penmanship.

Southwestern Community College began operation as a part of Iowa's community college system on July 1, 1966.

In assuming its role as a new institution, Southwestern inherited the facilities and instructional programs of

Creston Community College which had been operated by the Creston Community School District since 1926.

Buena Vista University Creston began offering classes in September 1986. Classes are held on the Southwestern Community College campus. Selected endorsement courses are available in a weekend format.

I wonder if Palmer school that was located here had any ties

Buena Vista University's Graduate & Professional Studies programs

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