the economic value of a hand truck aka dolly

Post date: Dec 22, 2016 1:46:38 PM

So i bought one the other day I have always wanted to own one but since I moved i knew that i could really use one. mine can hold up to 800 pounds. it can be used upright or i can roll it has 4 wheels if it needs that. it cost me about $90 to buy it out right one time. compared to renting a dolly and paying any where from $10-20 a time that i would need it. I feel that with in the 1st year this would pay for it self.

the model I bought

from Wikipedia

Hand trucks are upright framed pieces of material handling equipment with large wheels that allow you to place them under a load, such as a stack of boxes or a large drum, and tilt back on the hand truck which allows you to roll the load freely where it needs to go. Many hand trucks have additional benefits such as a set of kick out wheels that make the hand truck into a four wheeled moving machine when it is tilted back, attachments to make climbing stairs with the truck easy or the ability to lay the hand truck down completely with casters at the top so that the entire truck becomes a cart. Many different styles and maximum capacities exist, but here are a few to demonstrate the wide variety available