The Urbz: Sims in the City for GBA guide

Post date: Jun 4, 2017 3:49:28 PM

The Urbz: Sims in the City for Game Boy Advance

I have enjoyed playing the Urbz Sims in the City its one of my favorite video games ever I like it more than The Sims Bustin' Out both are for Game Boy Advance. I feel that this game kind of parallels my life in the way that both in this walk Thu and they way I lived my life for the 1st 25 years were very low cost. I lived with my parents and was never jail but in some ways you could say that I did pay a social cost for having those experiences but I think over the long term I am happy with what i did.

A few tips that save cash and make the game easier in the long run.


You start at the dumpy apartment free at 1st but stay in jail till you max out 3 skills Body Logic and Charisma 2 of these skills you can not pay to learn you just have to do them and learn it

Stay in Jail as long as you can...

Its Rent Free no maintenance and all your needs can be met with the cell they have a toilet, shower, a bed and Free Food.

Buildup body points

the place comes with a Free Gym too. once you max your body and the basket ball skills game you can pull in some big money plus getting all the promotions in the game makes it easier to move up and advance in the game later on

For additional

storage befriend Giuseppi Mezzoalto once you get your relationship to

100% he will unlock the Old broken down school bus (near thrift

shop) now it becomes your vary own Skoolie.

I kept the toilet

and shower along with the biker couch in my pocket I was then able to

place them in the Skoolie so now I have a 2nd base of

operations another perk with these free storage spaces is that they

have no thief nothing's ever stolen a nice safe place to put a


Housing long term

Once you get out of jail to really move the guy forward you

Small Brownstone

This is the smallest and cheapest place to live in the whole game.

you have to pay rent weekly and you have a one time deposit fee off $150 to get into your new digs.

Weekly Rent is $175 but having a roommates and doing making a few other investments can lower that cost to just $52 a week...

Upgrades to the house or why you should Go Big or Go Home!


Double Pane Windows - §2,000 lowers bill by 40% this is the most expensive thing sold but it offers you a good savings on the long term offers yo

roommates you can have one and that will reduce you bills by 50% if they are in the bed or using the toilet and you need to use it walk out of the house and back in and that will clear that space

Optional upgrades

these are kind of optional if you never cook there then how likely is it that this would happen but I would rather have and never use it then need it and never have it.

this is really import to make sure you never get any of your stuff stolen you dont want to come home and have a stolen toilet :( because then you have to spend more money to buy more of the same stuff that you already had

Nite-Ninja Security - §1,500

Buy This and Never get robbed... I have it and have still gotten robbed oddly enough so not sure if its really worth it

domo-mojo is cool but if you don't really care to have people over it shouldn't matter much the best person to have over is Crystal she will give you a Magic Lamp with a bed and a toilet with it that you can keep in your pocket. so you really dont need one or to spend the money for one at your apartment

Halon Suppression System - §500

When there is a fire, puts itself out

Domo-Mojo or why good vibes gets you free stuff and makes you feel better

Groovy is the level you will want to slect - §1,500

Others feel vibes 40% mo

Security System $1500

Utilities $2000

Roomates priceless

Frie Alarm $500

Domo-Mojo $1500

Building Skills

Autodidactism for Free

Miniopolis Chronicle is the place where you can max out your logic skills they have a computer and it wont cap your skills even if your still living in the jail.

it is recommend that you max that skill set out before getting your own crib.

the Second Looks' Thrift Store has

a minor that you can use to build up charisma it will also allow you to max out your skills

Formal education at Miniopolis University

really the only thing worth studying is Mechanical the other 3 topics covered can be learned on your own but paying to play at

the University is the quickest way to skill acquisition :) you can study Cooking, Creativity and Mechanical there.

Long Term Ways to Wealth

Carving Wood

with these 2 methods below your sim should never have to work again in their life if they don't want to they are free.... welcome to the land of do as your pleases :)

1st go to Carver's Corner in the market area of the game.

they sell woods and 2 types of tables one is the Mini-Bench don't waste your money on that just by the Craftmaestro Pro-Bench for §950 one craving could pay for the bench

Wooden Nymph sells for the most money so its good to keep that in your pocket

Where & when to Sell Wood

once you make something go to the thrift store Between 5 and 7pm bid on something but don't win it once the auction is over for that item sell the highest value wood item back to the store it will give you have price for that item which depending on your skills could be $2,500 or a little more then you can buy it back at the auction at the discounted price that the wood pice would sell for so like $30 its a good deal and a quick way to really raise funds to upgrade and make your crib great and invest in Epoch etc..

Epoch Museum

you donate money for exhibits if you buy all the exhibits then you get a check each week for 1k offers a good return on investment over the long term