Why I don't own any video game console

Post date: Dec 20, 2012 9:54:34 PM

I owned a PS2 but I gave it away to the local Demolay.org group I was active in. I feel that they get more and better use out of it than I was. I started playing video games in 2001 & I stopped playing my PS2 around fall of 2008...WOW its been almost 5 years since then!

I enjoy playing video games with my friends, in person and in the same room. I feel that it makes it a fun social experience vs buying an overpriced game console and dropping $20-50+ plus per game on top of that. I was reading about how today the video game industry is hurting the most sicne the 1980's crash because since the PS3's & the new systems have come out with HD and Proprietary online networks what more could they add to a new system? So I will not support them financially. I do have a few Apps on my iOS Apps and the 2 that I like are KATAMARI Amore & GTA III outside of that most game Apps I do not care for. But I do not need a gaming system to play these 2 Apps.

Proprietary software = Feudalism ???

when you reject freedom in the tech field you will also accept a lack of freedom in other areas of your life.

Kickstarter looks like a cool way to create things... I see that Ouya got a lot of its funding that way! I think that crowd sourcing for fundraising reasons is a wave of the future!








“99¢ iPhone and iPad games are also taking a toll on the perceived value of dedicated gaming systems.” http://www.cnn.com/2012/11/09/tech/gaming-gadgets/console-gaming-dead/index.html

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