I am a lifelong learner and absorbed information like a sponge. Always curious, I enjoy reading, researching and writing.

I was born and lived my life in Eastern Iowa.

I graduated with an associate degree from Kirkwood Community College.

I got my 1st job working in telecom from a career fair that Kirkwood had my 1st semester. That one job later turned into a lifelong career in the telecommunications industry. I have worked at various telecom companies. I was a proud union member, belonging to the Communications Workers of America at one job. After those jobs I became self-employed running my own business and managing my rental properties. I am a member of the Landlords of Iowa and owner occupied one of my rental duplexes. Check out my LinkedIn if you would like more info about professional background.

I promote literacy and learning by volunteering my time at the areas libraries. I also like Little Free Pantry & Libraries.

I am a Freemason see my page about that. I really enjoy thinking about philosophy ethics technology use and empowerment

additional groups that I am a member or have been a member of

national/state groups

ACLU, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Free Software Foundation, Iowa Public Radio, Iowa PBS

Local Groups

Jaycees, Toastmasters, Mindbridge Foundation, ICNC, Genealogical Society of the County, etc...