I am a lifelong learner and have always been curious.  I enjoy reading, researching, and writing. 

I was born and have lived in Eastern Iowa all of my life.

I graduated with an associate degree from Kirkwood Community College

 I am a member of the Landlords of Iowa  and owner occupy my rental duplex. 

I promote literacy and learning by volunteering my time at several area libraries. 

I am a Freemason  501c10. See my page about that  

I am a member of other groups, such Telephone collectors international,    Jaycees, Toastmasters,  Mindbridge Foundation, American Philosophical Practitioners Association and the Calyx Institute    

I have lifetime memberships at

Indian Creek Nature Center, Tranquility Lodge No.2000   Genealogical Society of the County, the friends of the library in town. sportsman club a number of Member-owner cooperatives from food oil etc... 

Quick facts 

Born: 1991

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Status: Single

Religion: Deist

Digital Expertise: Computer networking/ troubleshooting, telecommunications,   Web design etc...

Day job/Career: technical support & small business owner *

*My main job I have worked in call centers page since I was a teenager mostly for tech support and at telecommunications companies here is a link about those jobs. small business owner / Additional revenue streams real estate investing multimedia content creator such as websites and YouTube channels etc...