My Two Cents or how I had a marketing budget for under $40

Post date: Apr 22, 2017 11:43:49 AM

So how was I able to do this the 1st step was to create the website it has to have the WWW. in front of it or else the webpage wont load. That's kind of lame but the price is right I think for $12 a year or about a buck a month this is the best value for either a small non profit or a small part time business. I'm not going to run an E-commerce site on their or do anything fancy its basically a nice resume with contact info and an additional brochure.

But Im glad that this is still an option I think that its better to have an OK basic website than to over speed a lot of money on something that either a lot of people are not going to see or its really not going to provide a good ROI return on investment

At my price point I charge $40 an hour for my services my goal is to have 2-10 hours or work per week so after i met with my 1st client I was able to cover this whole marketing budget.

it shows that its Powered by Blogger at the bottom of each page I think Blogger has up their game in the realm of templates and they get the job done they dont look as fancy as a WordPress website or a lot of the newer more expensive websites but this is still the cheapest way to get a webpage on the internet.

My main site that I am writing this on my personal webpage I still just pay $10 a year for this so its even cheaper and I get email with in this domain but I was really able to luck out with the quality and price for this one to be grandfathered into that great deal program and it lets people become familiar with the Google Apps products I think now if I wanted to setup an account and use Google Sites and have one and only one email address it would cost me $60 a year to do that which is not that bad but its still $48 more than what I am paying right now.

I was able to get the domain at Google Domains for $12 a year and that included free private registration I like how they handle registration it was easier to do this with them than it was to do it with Enorm or Go Daddy from my merroy plus they didn't try and up sell me much they just have a link saying that i could upgrade for $5 a month.

Business cards

I used staples again you can go to their store and order them in person you have to order it online which I think takes away part of their competitive advantage if they had a few nice little kiosk computers that could let you enter your info while there then you could shop round and they could have it printed in one hour or less i think that would help build more brand loyalty and let people see what else the store has to offer. the east side location shut down im not sure if thatch becosue of declining sales or becosue they merged with office depot all I know is its gone and they only have one location now on the west side where i dont go to often.

The Cards themselves were OK the website was not very user friendly and just was a fight im kind of shocked that I still got these cards. I didn't get a logo or anything fancy like that all the cards I think my name is the main marketing and selling point of it I just wanted something that was easy to read.

so now this gets us to why i titled this my two cents the business cards cost about 2 cents each when you buy a thousand of them my last set of cards lasted about 5 years or more the new set even tho I have more cards by at least 500 if i am promoting this business more I will run out sooner but the cost is low per card plus I think this with word of month would be the best way to market.