I am a lifelong learner and have always been curious with many interests.  I enjoy reading, researching, and writing. Personal finance such as my Saving Money and Making Money pages are things that I work on a lot, frugality and making money last longer. I like to share ideas but don't want to preach at people on how to live their live.  Praise be the Duplex :) 

I was born and have lived in the Cedar Rapids Iowa Metro Area all of my life.

 I am a member of the Landlords of Iowa  and owner occupy my rental duplex. 

I promote literacy and learning by volunteering my time at several area libraries and my work with Little Free Libraries 

I am a Freemason  501c10. See my page about that  

I am or have been a member of other groups, such as: Telephone Collectors InternationalNational Farm Toy Museum   Jaycees, Toastmasters,  Mindbridge Foundation, American Philosophical Practitioners Association   Elks, Moose Stamps club  Czech Heritage Foundation National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library   and the Calyx Institute  

I have lifetime memberships at

Indian Creek Nature Center, Tranquility Lodge No.2000  Mercy Auxiliary Genealogy Society, the friends of the library in a few towns. sportsman club a number of Member-owner cooperatives from food oil etc... 

I like to use a lot of different tech and tools... 

I grew up on Windows and use it daily with work and on my main PC. I don't mind Windows 10 but I wont move to 11. I have been playing around with  Linux options and really like Linux Mint I feel like using less commercial products would be better See may page on non commercial values. I also bought an official USB drive of SLAX Linux to support them and I like it as a portable OS.  

I read a lot of books most I get from the public library and have a bunch that they were going to discard I am not a BIG fan of eBay or Amazon but I use those more than I would like a better alterative is https://www.betterworldbooks.com/   I have a whole page about shopping 

Quick facts & You Soup something I found from  https://www.samkillermann.com/work/you-soup/ 


White Male

Born: 1991

Astrological Sign: Taurus 

Parents: They were married over 40 years. My mom passed away 2023 :( 

Siblings: Only child

Status: Single

Children: ChildFree 

Straight Edge Booze and drugs: I am not interested in either and don't use them. I have not had any booze since 2019.

Religion:  I have setup a page for my Credo Statement philosophy on life etc...  I spent/d a lot of time at Prairie Woods Franciscan Spirituality Center https://prairiewoods.org/ 

Additional info 



high school grad, 

I graduated with an associate degree in marketing and management from Kirkwood Community College I was able to graduate and it cost me less than $11k to get my AAS.  I have taken a few computer classes such as  CompTIA Network+ and have over 80 credit hours there. I have tried to go to University of Iowa a number of times but It has not worked out. 

Autodidactic self-taught on the Job etc. 

Technologies, telecommunications, web design. All that stuff were either taught on the job to me or else self-taught. I have used a number of web design software over the years  I did not take formal classes. I read a lot of books about history, philosophy, religion, politics. 


 Grew up Upper Middle Class Rich Kid. Live Lower Middle Class life now more for the freedom less overhead status etc. I have a roof over my head and rent from my duplex rental unit next door it keeps my taxes and my cost of living low its not a flashy place but its near a park, a library, some stores and restaurants, bus routes, etc. 

Digital Expertise: Computer networking/ troubleshooting, telecommunications and Point of Sale systems, Page about that  Web design etc...

Day job/Career: technical support & small business owner *   

Hobbies: reading, libraries, genealogy, history, Freemasonry 

Video Games: The Sims mostly Sims 2 and Urbz on GBA  GTA mostly 3D Era games like Vice City and San Andreas 

*My main job I have worked in call centers page since I was a teenager mostly for tech support and at telecommunications companies here is a link about those jobs. small business owner / Additional revenue streams real estate investing multimedia content creator such as websites and YouTube channels etc... I also like doing side hustles like flipping things at consignment shops I have been on a number of focus groups too I really enjoy those.