Tech Background

Computer hardware

Growing up in my parents basement I created a space called Computer Hell. A business in town was called Computer Heaven so I thought this was a funny take on it. Since most the PC I was working on would end up getting junked and I got these PC for free a few I paid less than $20 for but I learned a lot on what is in em and what makes em tic I also run Linux on most of them since they really could not run Windows any more. 


I have only 1 laptop right now that has Windows 10 on it. The above image is 2 computer with Linux one is a PowerPC MAC G5 running Debian Linux the others are Dell PCs I only buy used Dells now I have only bought 1 new laptop and that was an Asus EEE PC 

Good Bye 

Cleaning out Computer Hell at an E-waste Amnesty day I keep some of the computers but got rid of the CRT displays and broken parts. some of the metal I took to Marion Iron and got about $50 out of that.   


I had a whole stack of these PC I got for free now I just have 2 of em.


Newton's Telecom Dictionary

I read a lot of this  telecom dictionary over the years  I worked 10 years in telecom as my main day job I really enjoyed it over all but left for a work from home web site support job.  I have a page all about my phones. 

CompTIA Network+

I took a night class after I was working full time in Telecom on CompTIA Network+ it was interesting I learned a lot from that. I had to fund it myself my employer at the time would not pay for the test or reimburse me so I never took the exam plus they expire every few years now.

Web design and support 

Web design 

I have created dozens of websites over the years some for fun some for money this site we are on right now is my 1st site I also have a page about it call 5000 days online.

Web Support 

I currently work for a company and do website support.  Iowa has a lot of opportunities for web support since GoDaddy* has a large base in Iowa many other companies will pick up those people or at least use it as a hub. *disclosure* I have never worked for GoDaddy nor are any of my domains or websites with them.