Student Discounts

This guide will cover student discounts mostly from a Cedar Rapids Iowa Kirkwood student's perspective and I think helps highlight the value of LifeLong Learning :) I have graduated from Kirkwood with a an AAS in Biz. I went back taking one class at a time learning IT and other tech stuff that interest me.  This info was true as of 2017 I am sure somethings have changed since then.   

I cover some more things under shopping list 

General Low income info here  

Free non commercial  software such as Libreoffice  and values Here etc... 

Get Food something to eat somewhere click here :) 

 Kirkwood Perks 

AKA cool Free/ discounted  Stuff from Kirkwood to students 

EagleCard the key to access many of Kirkwood's offerings 


if you are a student at Kirkwood you can go to there Free Gym it's a nice on campus Gym not too fancy but has most things one would need Kirkwood lets credit students use of 


students may receive tutoring for two different classes each semester, for up to two hours per week for each class. For FREE tutoring  I think this is another tool that helps students be successful in the classes they sign up for and leads to a greater understanding of what is going on in the class 

Tech Books Misc..

Checking out books at the Kirkwood Library along with plenty of space for studying.

computers and the Printing budget that one is allotted I DO NOT Own a Printer so this is useful to have I believe each student is giving a $35 budget per semester but we have to pay a $25 technology fee per semester so if you use at least $25 of that you can recoup that money.


Free WI-FI 

around the campus you can connect to their free Wi-Fi this is useful in most places on campus can get a good signal so its not hard to find 

Free Parking

lots of places to park  

Where to get Tech?

If you are a student in the 21st century you will need some computer either a MAC or PC :)

if you  want something fancy and new and have grants and student aid to go thu check out the campus tech store with its shiny new toys be prepared to be dazzled and amazed :)  

Kirkwood Eagle Tech

Is the official place on Kirkwood's campus to buy a New Apple product or other new tech thing iPads and PC's with a warranty & discounts You'll get them tax-free and at academic pricing. for most people this would be the place to go.

Midwest Computer Brokers


for used computer & accessories mostly refurbished corporate PCs. My Daily Driver "PC" is the one I'm writing this on right now it's a used Dell running Windows 10 that I paid $100 cash for I got a real good deal on this one and have had zero problems with this and most of the other tech I have bought there. they don't do any student discounts and are not tied into Kirkwood but I just thought they would be a useful asset to inform others of.

 Can you hear me Now... headphones and cellphones 

Forget Beets why blow $200+ on some headphones that are either going to get lost or stolen broken etc.. when you can gets Earbuds for $1.00 at the Cedar rapids Public Library they are not the best but for the price their right :)

Useful Free Software


The Free MS Word and Office suite that uses Free and open source software but is almost as good and the price is right :) Link

I think this links covers a lot of the  software that i was going to cover 


I put this on its on section here because 90% of success in life is just having the ability to show up weather  its class or a job NOT being there is differently not going to help your chances of success  

Penske Truck Rental

Move with a 10% discount when you show your college ID. I have used their trucks in the past and would highly recommend them they have good trucks and they will be there when you need them the main place to rent them from in Eastern Iowa

Greyhound : 10% off tickets

Public Transportation 

Discounted fares available to college students with valid ID card qualify for half fares (cash, 10 Ride, and 31 Day Passes)

I feel that for most people the best value is the 10 bus ride pass for just $7.50 I think this is the best Value because on Saturdays everyone rides FREE also Bus Routes 7 & 11 both run passed Kirkwood and you can ride them Free with a Kirkwood ID and Sticker.

 City Bus Website 

the FREE rides that they give to Kirkwood student to me really shows a commitment to helping those learn more and remove barriers to go to class.   Kirkwood has a page about bus deals

additional  biz with discounts 


These businesses are making money still I do not think they are offering these deals and taking a loss since most college kids are between the ages of 18-22 and are on their own for the 1st time they are able to buy things that they want and really grow relationships with bands and companies so being able to highlight that and market themselves to this demographic makes sense.

Media Food and more 

The Washington Post offers a free subscription to anyone with a valid .edu email address which is a cool offer I downloaded their App and setup an account 

Amazon Prime 

50 percent off Amazon Prime when you sign up with your .edu email address.  its FREE for the 1st 6 months then you get that discounted rate for the next 3 and half years so it would cost just $49 a year 

Links and sources 


40% with a Student Advantage Discount card, which costs $22.50 for the first year. I think the card cost $22.50