Donate or maybe sell it?

I am putting a list together of places that you can donate and get rid of things in the Cedar Rapids Area. This is the main list of places that I have worked with to help people get things to enrich there lives. Cedar Rapids has many more nonprofits and groups that do this type of work but this is my core list. Another site with more list   I really feel that things should go to donate to highest and best use for both the giver and receiver.

*** disclaimer this was true when I needed to use these places not sure if they are still open or accepting these items etc. it would be best to checkout websites or call.*** 

General Store 

Stuff Etc...

They will take a lot of stuff and you can either make money on it or they will donate it.  

 252 Blairs Ferry Road NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 

 (319) 373-2380   

Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center

They take a lot of stuff and have very low prices that they sell things for. I buy books chairs electrions DVD players and all kinds of things here one of my favorite places to shop as well as donate 

5824 Council St NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Phone  (800) 728-7825  


NewBo Bikes

39 16th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids




Central Furniture Rescue

 Furniture, household goods, linens

2275 16th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids


Appliances, Tools, building supplies

Habitat ReStore

Appliances used low cost and I think they may be tested to make sure they work, Tools lots of them and cheap, building supplies surplus and cheap.  

 350 6th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids



Willis Dady Shelter

Fresh food or food that could go bad give it to them while its good

1247 4th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

(319) 362-7555 

local places to drop off food. 

I also got a page about getting food you can probably donate to them as well. 

Books  CD's DVD's Multimedia etc.

local libraries I was a member of the Cedar Rapids Friends group when I lived in the city and its interesting the small town ones can use more support. They get a lot of trashed old books dropped off that they can not sell I enjoy going to and helping with book sales and have done so since I was a teenager. The Metro Network of the larger libraries in the area.   

Its interesting to see what people value and how they view media no one really wants DVDs and CDs anymore but I do and so does...

 Half Price Books 

Address: 1400 Twixt Town Rd, Marion, IA 52302

They take DVDs CDs and some books you may be able to make a few bucks off of things you sell here don't expect at lot of money but a lot of libraries don't want DVD's or CD's etc any more. 

(319) 377-4982 

another place for cheap DVDs Video games etc... 

I helped setup a few in the area and they are great at making books available to people at all times and for Free :) 

 Little Free Library - always for free, never for sale stamp

Children’s Things 

YPN (Young Parents Network)

Children’s clothing, children’s books and toys

420 6th St SE, Cedar Rapids



Medical supplies 

Grace Episcopal Church

 Medical supplies such as wheelchairs, commodes, adult diapers.  

 525 A Ave NE, Cedar Rapids


Cleaning and personal health 

Catherine McAuley Center 

They take household things and cleaning products and things the help displaced people etc 

 866 4th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 

 (319) 363-4993 



They will take used underwear and socks and a lot of other things you can send to them. 

405 8th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 

 (319) 364-1988 


Iowa Donor network 

Organ donations 

550 Madison Ave

North Liberty, Iowa 52317