Banking and Credit Cards 

Here is a page all about banking options from local banks to online banks credit cards etc.. 

Local Banking 

That you can walk or drive to easy that has in person services such as fee free notary,  a safety deposit box, ATM fee free so you can have a Visa (some offer MasterCard but not many)  debit card that you can take money out of at any time of the day and can also use at other ATM locations. I would not get a credit card from a bank though. You could look into other services but most of this should be fee free saving and checking and would be a good place to setup for ACH for where your paycheck should go and where autopay for your bills will come out of. I prefer independent non big bailed out banks. when its a smaller bank or a bigger credit union it doesn't make much of a difference they are in a very competitive market. But having a good banking partner helps build a good foundation for future financially success. Later on you can use the bank for setting up a small business banking account getting loans for housing. Make sure they are FDIC or NCUA Insured 

Online banking

 Once you have an extra 1k or so laying around in the local bank it would be good to open a High-Yield Online Savings Accounts these accounts have no local bank to go to but they offer really good yields and are FDIC insured etc. some of them offer bonuses if you put 5, 10, 25k or what ever amount in there for a few months. This would be an ideal place for a larger emergency fund, with at least three to six months' worth of living expenses in it to help weather hard times. 

Bailed out Fat Cat Banker

Don't do business with these guys at least for most of your banking if you have other options :) 

Credit Cards 

If you are going to get a credit card I would recommend one that would at least get you cash back. I have never had a problem with the Discover card but I know you can not use them everywhere. But it would be good to have a main credit card and then just an emergency back up card that you don't keep on you in case your main card get hacked lost or stolen etc... Its a highly competitive market so lots of places are offering credit cards with cash back deals and other offers. I think it easy to get too many cards run up too much debt and then get things totally out of control so its just something to be aware of. If you are at a place that wont take discover its probably a small local business and there it maybe better to just pay cash or use your debit card. 

Get a card with no annual fee and never pay a penny of interest, it's essentially just free money for stuff you would have bought anyhow. A ton of website are out there on getting credit cards for the deals then changing what cards you use and playing that game etc.