The Captain's List

Here is the start of  The Captain's List to saving money, started on 7-21-23. He is a friend of mine and one of the best people to stretch some $$$! Feel free to subscribe to his YouTube Channel Captain Unusual 


-Be careful about usage. This is about 90% of the battle. Turn things off when you aren't using them.

-Don't worry about unplugging or switching off power strips when electronics are not in use. It's not worth your time and many modern electronics need to be plugged in all the time to work properly anyway.

-LEDs and CFLs are your two main options for lighting and they both use very little power. CFLs are more reliable in my experience but they use a bit more power. Either way, lighting is very cheap these days. If you want to keep lights on for plants or for security reasons, this is generally fine.

-If you're single, opt for a mini-fridge and keep the setting as low as you safely can.

-Take advantage of "energy saving modes" on devices.

-If possible, live on the south side of a building, or in a house with mostly south windows. In the northern hemisphere this will make your space easier to cool in summer and heat in winter.

-If you own your home, make sure it is well insulated.

-If you're going to get solar panels make sure they are highly weather resistant. There are government incentives available to install them. However, I don't consider panels essential at this time. Energy conservation is most important.

-If you are looking to rent, many landlords offer paid heat along with water if the building is gas-heated.

-If you don't mind the heat, you can try to get by with just a fan in the summer. However, most people need AC to some degree. Experiment with different temperature and fan settings, and figure out the highest temperature you can comfortably land on for both day and night.

-Talk to your power company about money saving programs you might qualify for, such as Time of Use plans. Be warned though that TOU plans won't save everybody money and could cost some more.