Making Money

Here is where I will work on ideas and lst for this its a lot easier to spend money than make it in the USA :) 

1) Day job

It can be at a large corporation like what my current day job is at a publicly traded Big Tech frim with stock options and lots of other perks and benefits. I mostly worked at small employer's under 100 employees before my current job. I think some people long term goal is self employment I have a page all about that.  I know for me this is 80% of my current income.  

2) my duplex/ rental income  

I owner occupy a rental duplex. If you own property you would want it so that it makes you money. I have a page all about my duplex experience and the economics behind it. But you could also own a fourplex or tiny home or some other place that either saves you a lot of money or ideally makes you some money. 

3) micro service business / side hustles 

 I have been doing web design tech support and all kinds of other things to make some money since high school. 

You could also put apps like Uber and other things that you have to be on-site and in person for or have an active income unlike rental or investment  income. 


4) Online businesses & Websites  

Multimedia content producer aka YouTube channel and drop shipping Print on Demand T shirts etc. I have worked on a number of these sites and so far I have not hit gold or made much money hopefully at some point I will have a site that can be worth it and make some money. 

5) Misc. Income micro $$$

Collecting cans bottles

 Basically those cans bottles get you  $0.05 each, but you're also helping clean up the environment so that does count for something and if it's easy in along the way, might as well do it. 

Website they have locations all over Cedar Rapids and Eastern Iowa. 

Flipping things at Stuff Etc or eBay 

Finding things for free and or selling off stuff. You no longer need to stuff etc. And maybe eBay if it's worth it. But I took 4 folding, chairs and sold them for $6.50, a piece at stuff etc. I have plenty of other things that I can just dump there and get 40% without having to do shipping or any other work besides dropping it off. 

Dividend Investing & Other Investments .

I can invest with two various types of dividends. One would be The monthly dividend company REIT those are taxed ordinary income but I've had that company and invested in it since I was in high school and just keeps growing. Then I have AT&T as my other one for dividends and then I'm going to probably get SCHLD. It's an actively low cost managed dividend fund. 

Jury Duty &  Focus Groups

With that, what would be nice is the fact that you get a meal you get your base pay if you are working most places and you just give up your jury duty pay. I've done a county criminal case and that's where you get the meal. The civil ones you do not. I think it's something like $30 a day. Is the base pay for jury duty?

These are really kind of hit or miss. I've done some online. I've done the Vernon research group. It's interesting and it pays somewhat well for a few hours of work. Anywhere from $50 to well over 100, but it's somewhat hard to get on these groups and they're pretty selective on who they'll take.

Another group that ties into the 2 options above is they do Jury consulting and I have been in one before and I enjoyed it