Here is a page the will list information about financial & economics ideas I like or have. 

non-commercial values Page is something I think a lot about too  I spend a lot of time thinking about ROI and real estate money etc.. Its nice to think of something higher than that!

 Libraries a page for places to learn and grow mostly for free with limited hierarchy and control a place for true self growth and empowerment 

Pre-Bankruptcy Planning  Page  Looks at filling Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 

Shopping List Page Mostly Eastern Iowa based business that I like doing business 

 Low cost of living  resources to keep high quality of life for a real low price :) 

Student Discounts List Page Mostly deals students can get Like cheaper transportation ticket tech  etc..

Get Started  Page How to set yourself up for success 

Owner Occupied Duplex Page the value of having rental income and a low cost place to call home!

Money Savings Page I setup as a way to look and see what do you pay and how can you pay less or get more value from what you are paying for. 

Low-Income-Resources Page worth checking out 

Donate Page where to donate stuff but also where you can get things cheap. 

Freebies Page a basic page about Free things you can or could get. 

Investment Websites & other Tools 

budgeting calculator

Living Wage calculator

What college can you afford calculator?

tax migration info A Real estate investing website  An another investment website but this one is based on Vanguard & mutual fund & index fund investing

my Page on that topic

"While some mutual fund founders chose to make billions, he chose to make a difference." - Dedication to Jack Bogle in 'The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing'.