Here is a page the will list information about financial & economics ideas I like or have. 

non-commercial values Page is something I think a lot about too  I spend a lot of time thinking about ROI and real estate money etc.. Its nice to think of something higher than that!

 Libraries a page for places to learn and grow mostly for free with limited hierarchy and control a place for true self growth and empowerment 

Pre-Bankruptcy Planning  Page  Looks at filling Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 

Shopping List Page Mostly Eastern Iowa based business that I like doing business 

 Low cost of living  resources to keep high quality of life for a real low price :) 

Student Discounts List Page Mostly deals students can get Like cheaper transportation ticket tech  etc..

Owner Occupied Duplex Page the value of having rental income and a low cost place to call home!

Money Savings Page I setup as a way to look and see what do you pay and how can you pay less or get more value from what you are paying for. 

Low-Income-Resources Page worth checking out 

Donate Page where to donate stuff but also where you can get things cheap. 

Freebies Page a basic page about Free things you can or could get. 

Investment Websites & other Tools 

budgeting calculator

Living Wage calculator

What college can you afford calculator?

tax migration info A Real estate investing website  An another investment website but this one is based on Vanguard & mutual fund & index fund investing

my Page on that topic

"While some mutual fund founders chose to make billions, he chose to make a difference." - Dedication to Jack Bogle in 'The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing'.