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 Will be adding more to this but it is my shopping deals page... 

Optimizing Sam's Club membership

I am not a big fan of how Walmart/ Sam's Club treats the people who work for them.... But I like the price and if I was closer to Costco I would have a membership there just my disclaimer before I get started... 

Saving on Membership

 I did this with memberships before COVID you could get a free membership if you buy $50 on your 1st trip there then you can get the membership free since COVID they have not done that. What I have done since then is wait for the best deal which was a $45 membership for the price of $10 keep that for one year then drop for 6 months. Then if you have domain names you could create a forwarded email address example or since each time you sign up you can use a different email address. I would also recommend getting a physical card for Free since the App for me has been kind of hit or miss. What I did for a number of years I had a friend who had a membership from his work and we would go together and split things so it was cheaper for both of us.   I just signed up again and got a deal in 2024 for $14 for that year. 

Now that your in...

The best hot food deals 

The hot dog soda combo is only $1.38 The whole Pizza 16" is $8.98 The Member's Mark Seasoned Rotisserie Chicken for $4.98 

Cost per unit is lower than else where since you buy in bulk 

Getting Paper towels TP drinks and other things like oatmeal etc here have the lowest cost per unit I am kind of a Prepper and like to have things on hand and this allows me to stock up every time I go so I only go about once a month or so I would recommend Nature's Twist Sugar Free Lemonade its $8.98 or about 37 cents per bottle... I could list off a lot more things but I think this is a good baseline. 

Small Business Services 

What I may do going forward is get a Sam's Club membership that is the $100 a year plan and with being a small business owner with my rental properties and other business stuff that I do just write it off on my taxes  but would really want to do a ROI calculation as you can get a discount with just the base membership and cashback without having to upgrade to the higher end membership. 

What are the most cost effective things to buy in bulk? 

If they have fresh rotisserie chicken, get a couple, de- bone them and freeze in individual packages, and you can use the bones and skin to make homemade chicken stock. I just got 2 big chickens at Costco, they are $4.99 and probably double the size of the ones at the local grocery store that sell for $9.99. I got about 4.5lbs of meat from them and froze them in 4 separate quart bags for quick meals 

 Dollar Tree $1.25

Plackets/Flossers, Greetings card's,  Office supplies

Cleaning supplies, Coloring books, Diecast toys

Sun & reading  glasses way lower than any other place for these

Cheap Hallmark cards a card is a card most of the time Why Pay More?

Dollar store best buys

The market value of a dollar stores is that in a lot of areas no one else would invest in the area at least this stores do. 

Dollar General and other stores seem to cost more than the above two bur in low income areas and small towns Dollar Generals are the only option but its better to have that option and be able to work or take a short drive then having to go miles and much more time.

You can pre-order things for pick up at Walmart and that maybe worth it sometimes.

Best Buy Router Deals   

Best Buy  15% off a new Router and other networking tools for that.