CR Car Free Living

Transportation and options for being car free in the Cedar Rapids area

If you live near a bus route or some place that has a lot of things near by and is walkable that is good. check out this website for more info.

City Bus $20 a month or   $240 a year.

When on Medicaid or other low income program you get it at the discounted rate. All bus rides are free right now because of covid. 

Guide living in Cedar Rapids without A car. 

Check out my page on low income Cedar Rapids Low income page  

LIFTS and NTS are two other options that are point-to-point or curb to destination curb the curb services  there are some cost involved per ride in in that but I do think it does strive to make it more accessible LIFTS is the county bus service it's like a para Transit service for the disabled a former tenant of mine worked for LIFTS for over 20 years.

  NTS is neighborhood transportation service it merged with Horizons they do the meals on wheel service in town too. But NTS the services at night when the city buses stop running.

Riders club of America has a local club out of the Cedar Rapids area it's pretty reasonably priced I've used it a number of times and found it an interesting way to travel it's about half the price of a cab or an Uber but it will still do curb to curb service.

Riders club is $6 for 1st 2 miles and then a $1 for each half mile.

The 380 express bus is an interesting way to travel between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids it's 350 each way but it will allow you to travel around two different counties and two larger areas