Careers in Call Centers

Post date: Mar 5, 2017 3:14:26 PM

Dont follow your dreams follow opportunity. I think that this Mike Rowe Video sums it up,I feel that most of the jobs and opportunity's are in factories and call centers people don't need a 4 year degree.

But I am glad that i got a 2 year Associate degree from Krirkwood and graduated debt free. I think that a majority of college education with its price point now has priced itself out of the market for a majority of people if they look at opportunity and return on investment objectively. I know many people who either attended and dropped out or graduated from 4 year colleges with degrees that offered no real viable employment opportunities. So they end up working in a call centers making around the same money that I am making the only real difference is that they are working to pay off their debt. So with the data below I am going to look at this.

The main types of jobs at Call centers

All this data about these jobs is based on the 7-county region which is the entire Kirkwood Community College service area.

Telemarketers ( 41-9041 )

Employment Number: 1,450

Hourly Wages:

Entry: $ 8.27

Median: $ 9.36

Average Minimum: $ 7.93

Average Maximum: $ 11.82

Weighted Average: $ 10.35

So this would just be cold calling I think before National Do Not Call List their would have been more of these jobs but a lot of people don't like being bugged about this and I think that the avg business owner gets at least a half a dozen solicitation calls by phone for varies company produces each day. But this still represents 1,500 jobs I think a lot of them are either for political organizations or nonprofits looking for funds. if they are not B2B sales based.

Customer Service Representatives ( 43-4051 )

Employment Number: 4,860

Hourly Wages:

Entry: $ 9.59

Median: $ 14.39

Average Minimum: $ 8.60

Average Maximum: $ 21.63

Weighted Average: $ 13.59

The most common phone based job in the corridor. I have worked these type of jobs since I was in a teenager. some push sales more than service. some have hundreds of people all working in the same building doing the same type work, so if the company had money problems and laided you and many others off what would you do what can you really do to differentiate yourself in a huge environment like that?

Computer Support Specialists ( 15-1151 )

Employment Number: 650

Hourly Wages:

Entry: $ 16.9

Median: $ 22

Average Minimum: $ 15.58

Average Maximum: $ 30.33

Weighted Average: $ 20.09

I feel that my current job is the perfect fit for me we have under a dozen people in our call center, most of which have been their for 5 to 15+ years. my job is a hybrid of Customer Service Rep with more of a focus on tech support for telecom services and minimum general IT support. I handle escalated tech tickets and call back when residential and business customers are having problems with the services.

analyze, troubleshoot and resolve technical issues for voice, internet or data installation and connection issues.

Every for-profit business that I have worked for has been & is a phone or call center based job.

additional info that i will rewrite and work on

I think that this Quora Anwser sums it up niceley

Computer support specialists are the professionals who give technical advice, support and assistance to the customers with computer problems whereas Customer service representatives are those who deliver their services to customers of their company.

Computer support specialists give assistance to computer hardware and software problems and other related issues whereas Customer service representatives handle the telephone calls and answers the specific queries of company’s customers.

these are just some ideas that I have had on jobs opportunity and the future...

Is the middle class a temporary artificial idea & place of being in society? That something that I have been reading & thinking about a lot now


This is the book that really got me thinking about it Check out this book on Goodreads: Who Owns the Future?

How much of technology and automation innovation etc... Destroys middle class jobs and then replaces them with some temp/ low pay low benefit jobs that won't be a livable career?

Manual labor and customer service are both highly replaceable to either machines or outsourcing. But with so much of the economy in the "service sector" how does one break out of it and rise above it? I have ideas for myself on how to do that but I think for most they are stuck in a dead end.

Live by the sword die by the sword

Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword (Matthew 26:52, King James Version)

a more modem way of saying in regards to the job would be "live by the phone die by the phone"

Working as an inbound customer service representative (CSR)

reliably ranks as one of the highest turnover jobs in the world.

Depending on who you ask, call centers have a turnover rate of between 30 and 45%

By comparison, the 2013 average employee turnover rate for all industries in the United States was 15%